What is Upcycling? An Introduction for Beginners

Learn to Upcycle

Sometimes referred to as Creative Re-use, it is a way of transforming products, such as furniture into a new use product that is of better quality or value than its original status.It has become common in recent times due to financial pressures around the world and to a certain extent the environmental impact we are facing.

Recycle, Down-cycle or Up-cycle?

You may of heard of downcycling before, the process of taking existing products and using them in new ways, but this often results in a product or material of lesser quality. Hence the trend in upcycling 🙂

Upcycling is becoming more and more common – You can see many examples on Pinterest

Upcycle Opportunities

The great thing about upcycling is that you can make your home your own, with one off pieces of furniture that suit your style and individuality. You can create bespoke pieces and even sell them at a premium if you become great at it due to to the uniqueness of each piece.Tables, bed-side cabinets, sideboards and chairs often top the popularity tables when it comes to an upcycle make over, but you can upcycle many items, from baby cribs to clothes, curtains, bicycles, even cars.