Beer Cap Table Project

Beer Cap Table with Video

If you love to entertain or just enjoy your relaxing space, or perhaps you have a home bar that you would love to glam up a little, then this simple weekend project could be just for you. Plus it is a great excuse to have more bottle beers to collect all the caps you are going to need 😉

The Bottle Cap Table Project Requirements

The great thing about this little project is that you actually do not need all that much to complete it.

The items for bottle cap table project

  • Bottle Caps (Duh)
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Impact Adhesive (for table edging)
  • Kitchen Work Top Edging
  • A Round Occasional Table (one you own already, or grab a cheap bargain from Gumtree or Bid or Buy etc)
  • A little time to set up and time for setting and drying

How Hard Can it Be?

We like to give you some idea on these project videos of how hard it would be for a beginner, so we gave this one a 10% Rating. You do not need Power tools or experience, this is a jump right in type project that anyone can have a go at!

10%Difficulty RatingTesting the layout for bottle cap project

Edging the Table

If you can find a table with a lipped edging then perfect, if not, just grab some Kitchen Edging Laminate and wrap it around and leave to dry. Then you can begin the process of setting out your design.

Edging for bottle cap table

Glue the Caps in Place to Keep the Layout How You Want it!

You can see in the video further down below that the best way to stick the caps is by placing the adhesive on the table first and not squeezing into the caps.

Sticking the Bottle Caps

Project Time: Couple of Hours/Weekend

The project time is pretty simple as it requires the edging to be places, then the caps, then the resin then the dry time. Work wise it will likely only take you 2-3 hours, as the most time is taken placing the caps.

The part that needs more time is the waiting for the resin to dry and set. This makes it a perfect weekend job, or if you prefer, over a couple of week nights in time for the weekend 🙂

Watch the Video Below!

Credit and Notes

Whilst we would love to tell you that we filmed this for ourselves, we did not quite get the time so we scoured the internet to find a suitable Vid for you!

Video Original: Matt Giles on YouTube 

Images on the page were taken from shots during the above video. Check out Matt’s Channel for more wonderful content.