Summer is Coming – Patio Update Time

Without a word of warning, summer is headed our way and fast! Once again its time to put on the shorts and swimsuits, run through the sprayers, relax by the pool and keep the kids topped up with suntan lotion and cool drinks with lots of ice :)But in order to best enjoy the summer time here in South Africa and the Vaal Triangle Region, it makes sense to have a place we are happy to relax and spend time in for Braai’s, later evenings and a comfortable place to unwind and enjoy our surrounding. 

Happy with your patio?

In order to get the look you want, first of all take the old fashioned approach combined with the new tech ways.

Look around other yards where you can. Perhaps when visiting friends and family, reading through magazines and journals and through our modern good old searching online.

Make sure you make use of all the sites, from Pinterest to YouTube, eHow and even YouTube. Plus you can go to your favourite designing and DIY web sites as well.

What Needs a Make Over?

Obviously this could become a BIG Project and need some time and planning. But you can keep things simple and start by focusing on one item or area of your backyard to get the ball rolling.

Maybe you could think about flooring, such as tiles, tile effect, painting, decking or cement staining. 

Perhaps the seating is a good way to start, or the surrounding pots and planters or pictures, braai pit and the like?

My Patio Needs a Make Over.. Where should I begin???

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If you know that the floor are will need attention, it is often better to start there. The simple reason is that it is easier to add furniture and knick knacks and planters etc on top of the flooring once it is done, than spend time and money with the additional extras, seating etc and then need to lift it all up to work on floor space.

Decked Out or Painted Spaces?

Below are some links for you to take a look at that show you some neat ideas for flooring. From Painted on Tile Effects to Acid Stained Cement, to the more traditional wood/deck styles.

Take some time to read a few ideas and then go from there. Remember, if you need some further help and advice on staining, painting, tools to use etc, then give us a call here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware 🙂


Web Site

Acid Stained Concrete for a Different Patio Look and Feel

Painted Concrete – Looking Good 😉


Painted Outdoor Decks


Painted Patio Flooring


DIY Painted Floor Tile – This looks very cool!

Get that Mediterranean Look and Feel

Still With Us? Great 🙂

We Stock Lots of Paint

As you can see, there are soooo many ways to get that floor area in your patio or backyard looking sharp and how you want it.

There are some more cool links at the bottom of this page to help you with ideas for furniture etc, so be sure to pay those a visit too. 

If you need more help and advice on your paint and stains etc, then give us a call here at Hot Pot Paint & Hardware. We can advise on the best paint range to use for your surface and area and we even offer ideas on some cool summer colours too.

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Other Things to Consider…

As mentioned earlier, the floor is the important consideration to think about first of all, as everything else will then sit on top.

Once that is done, you can begin to add back or replace the furniture, the planters, other items like tables, lamps (if in covered areas) and more.

Remember to open yourself up to new information and read web sites like ours, and our Facebook Page for inspiration as well as other home and DIY type sites. It is also a good idea to create a vision board for colour, furniture, flooring and other ideas if you are only just getting started.

You can see a great Vision Board Idea here and also get some templates to help you here.

For more content and thoughts, please check out the sites linked to below for items on furniture and more, and remember to leave us a comment below on the Facebook Posting Section or on our Facebook Page 🙂 Thanks a Million, we truly appreciate you and your time.

More Content to Go On With…

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And to finish up, I would like to share this image with you I found whilst hunting down some ideas for our garden space 🙂

It is made with Wood and Cinder Blocks… How Cool is that? Just add some colourful paint from us here at Hot Pot and you are good to go 🙂

Take a look!

Simple,practical, block and wood bench for outdoor patios

Cinder Block and Wood Bench courtesy of Pinterest

You can see a whole collection of them at

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