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Merry Christmas from the Hot Pot Paint Team

Thank you for your Support in 2015. We truly appreciate you and your custom and will continue to strive for great service and value for money in store. Look out in 2016 for some specials running via our site and our Facebook Page. Follow us to keep up to date with announcements and have an amazing year ahead.

Wishing you a happy Christmas from Hot Pot Paint


We made a short video for you to see either in store on our screens or on our Facebook Page. You can click here to go through to Facebook and watch, please remember to like us and keep notified in 2016 of specials and deals throughout the year.

Thanks again,

Judy, James, Ernie, Robbie and all the team at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging.

Dulux Visualizer App Review

Dulux Visualizer App Review

Watch the Video Review, Click Play Below

Read the Review if you Prefer Below…

Dulux Visualizer App Written Review

We finally made it, our quick review of the Dulux Visualizer App you may have seen advertised on TV Lately.

At first glance it was a little annoying, actually requiring a second look to really get into it as it was designed to be used. The first time we took a tour, it felt like it was against you and not intuitive at all like they show you in their demo video at the beginning.

The colour pallette on launch was not all in place (certainly not on our test anyway), but the second time around all seemed well and it felt easier to navigate.

It does have a little learning curve and time to adapt to its inner working, but once you set aside some time to play, you will soon be flying around the app like a pro, searching for colours you like or know already.

In my example on the video I just searched for Red and it gave me a multitude of choice.

There is even a pop up notice to let you know that the colour on your screen may not be an exact match the real life version on your wall.

As you will see though, there is a whole spectrum of colour to walk through on screen with a swipe of the finger along the top of the screen colour selection bar.

You can then drill down to types within the range before applying and then actually testing in the app.

The actual process of colouring in your walls is not too bad to be honest. It does give you a sense of how it may actually look should you go ahead and paint. Some parts get a little pixelated, but in this case, just choose to point your camera on a smooth and uncluttered wall for maximium effect.

To be honest, I would only recommend using this app on a tablet, or certainly a larger screen smart phone as it can be a little hard with tiny buttons.

The colour ranges available are vast and we loved the option to search for a local store, like us here at Hot Pot Paint.

So to sum up, the app is what it says, a visualizer, maybe a little gimmicky to be fair, and not likely to be a mainstay tester for the long haul, but certainly some good fun has promise for the future of paint selection. Let’s hope that Dulux watches out for customer and user feedback and updates the app for future releases.

Below is the How To Guide from Dulux UK – Most of it is relevant to the South African Market, but some features are not available or as good on the local version.

What did you think of the app if you tested it yourself?

Kitchen Make Over Guide

Fitting a new kitchen can cost thousands, especially if you pay fitters and installers to do all the work. If you are a little handy or really want to have a go at installing a new kitchen yourself, then the video series below will be worth some time watching. It gives you some great advice and walks you through the steps you will need to take in order to do this job. The Series is by and their web site is worth a look too for other neat guides 🙂

Kitchen Make Over How to Guide

Make sure if you are planning on doing this yourself that you prepare well in advance.

Have all the tools required for each stage, the new equipment that you wish to install and some help on hand. It’s never going to be easy to remove ovens, dish washers and especially cabinets from walls by yourself.

The other thing to remember is that this is unlikely to be just a day or two job if you are doing most of the work yourself. Allow for a few days, possibly a week off in order to get the complete job finished, especially if this is the first time you are attempting it.

If after watching the videos you decide that its just too much to take on yourself and bring in the pro’s, at least you will know what to expect, what to watch for and how things should be done properly 🙂

The Kitchen Remodel Process

This is a great series of videos on upgrading your own kitchen. The first video shown below gives you some help and guidance on removing the old content first. It helps you to think about the process you will follow when removing all the older cabinets etc.

Well worth a look, the video walks you through the process and underneath you can see the link to see the other videos in the series.

Here is a link to all the videos in their series!

Part 1: Kitchen Remodel – How To Design or Remodel a New Kitchen

Part 2: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose Cabinet Doors

Part 3: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose A Door Glide System

Part 4: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose the right wood or material for your Cabinets

Part 5: Kitchen Remodel – How to Prepare for Demolition

Part 6: Kitchen Remodel – How to remove existing cabinets   (This video is actually a repeat of the First Part so you can Skip)

Part 7: Kitchen Remodel – How to prepare walls and measure layout for cabinets

Part 8: Kitchen Remodel – How to hang kitchen cabinets and keep them level

Part 9: Kitchen Remodel – How to install and level cabinets on an uneven floor

Part 10 & 11: Kitchen Remodel – How To save time and install cabinet hardware

Review of Plascon Swatch IT app

Plascon Swatch IT App Review

Home Ideas for Painting

The Plascon Swatch IT app is a cool tool if you are looking for inspiration and ideas for colour in your home. Simply upload an image that inspires you from your home, trips, nature, other peoples online images, hotels you have stayed in, the sky literally is the limit.

Once uploaded the app will show you colours from the Plascon Range that come from the image you upload, a great way to inspire you to design a new room in a colour that appeals to you.

We had a play in the video below so you can see examples from nature images, as well from a hotel room and a street view, all giving you inspiration for colour ideas.

Watch the Video below, just click play!

Our verdict?

Well Done Plascon for giving us a tool to inspire and help when coming up with new ideas for our next room colour design. Well worth a look and play – Try it out here for yourself, just click!

Inspiration for Redecorating Your Home – Video 1

Watch our YouTube Video to get some ideas for Painting a Room in your Home

Colour Ideas when Painting a Room

Click Play To Watch – Or Open up in a larger screen on YouTube!

Sites Mentioned in the Video Series for further help!

Dulux, Using the Colour Wheel

Adobe Colour Wheel

Plascon Colour System Colour Palette Ideas

Dulux, What is a Neutral Colour Scheme

Dulux, Top Interior Design Tips for Choosing Paint Colours 10 Tips for Picking Paint Colours How to Choose a Colour Scheme and the Basics of Colour Coordination

Dulux, Browse our Colours


Please comment below to let us know what you think of the video and anything else you would like us to make content about with video! Thank You 🙂

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Build Your Own Pallet Table

Re-Purpose Wooden Pallets to Make Your Own Furniture

Weekend DIY Project with Wooden Pallets

Wood is getting expensive these days, but with so much just lying around and rotting somewhere, there are some great things that you can make for yourself in a weekend project or over a couple of days if you put your mind to it.

The two videos below demonstrate how you can make your own coffee table from old pallets that you can find lying around, never to be used again.

This will save you money and give you some self satisfaction on a job well done, plus you are doing your bit for recycling as well.

Let us know what you think and if you give it a go, be show to post some pictures of your results. Remember that we stock the nails, screws, tools and varnish here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware if you need it!

Build Your Own Pallet Table

How to Build a Coffee Table out of Pallet Wood

DIY Cement Lamps

Thank you to Homemade Modern YouTube Channel for this Cool Idea!

DIY Cement Lamps

This is a simple yet effective and neat way to use cement and bring something a little different to your home.
All you need is some plastic bottles, some cement and a few items of tools and hardware.

Follow along with this video to see how you can be lighting up your life with a little uniqueness and design!


DIY Project, Kids Puzzle Stools

Kids Puzzle Stools


Great Weekend Paint and Hardware Project for Budding DIY’ers

Feeling a little DIY coming on?

This video shows you a great and creative idea for seating for your children in your home and play areas. If you would like to get the power tools, hardware and paint for this project, give us a call on 016 428 1113

Let us know if you have ago and send us you pics too!

What Wrench Should You Use

The Wrench Video Guide

from Ace Hardware in USA

What Wrench to Use

Here is a good video from Ace Hardware on which wrench to use and when.
Learn about the different types of wrenches. Find out which wrenches are multi-purpose and which are speciality tools so you’ll know which ones you need for your projects.

Courtesy of Ace Hardware in the USA on YouTube.

Click the Play Button below to watch.


Do you use Solar Energy?

What items in your home are using the most electricity?

Solar Power Geysers

According to an article on homemakersonline the top use goes to your geyser!
Energy Use is South Africa

Did you know that its more energy efficient to use a kettle to heat water for cooking than a pan on the stove? Did you also know that in many homes, lighting accounts for 17-20% of energy consumption?

The South African government and Eskom are making drives to encourage Solar Heating in homes to help take the load off the ever burdened grid. With ever increasing prices, people are also keen to find alternatives to grid power in their homes.

Above video is from eTV back in 2013.

This young boy below enjoys tinkering with designs to get energy efficient water to his home.


Have you installed Solar Power in your home? Perhaps a Solar Geyser?

Let us know how that is working out for you so far. Do you feel its saving you money and improving your own efficiency?

Amazing Marbling Effect

Dulux Marbling Effect Video

In this video you can quickly learn how to create a stunning marbling effect on a painted wall


How to get the Marble Effect when Painting a Room

This is part of an entire course that the instructor teaches for Dulux, but you can watch this quick video guide which demonstrates how to get amazing results. Let us know your thoughts too, and share if you try this out for yourself 🙂


December at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vaal

Our in store video running at Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging at the moment. Keep on the look out when in the store for a Christmas Message and our new video for January 2014.

Thank you for all your support throughout 2013, it is always very much appreciated. Without you, we are just an empty store 🙂

Merry Christmas to You and all the best for the New Year ahead.


Please note, any prices shown in the video are valid in December 2013 ONLY and may either increase or decrease over time. Thank You.

Habitat Bricks in Vereeniging

If you need bricks for your projects either home DIY or for a large contract, then Habitat Bricks will surely be able to assist you. As part of the new upcoming Robbie’s Hot Spot Video series on YouTube, Robbie interviews Habitat Marketing Owner Paul McIntyre.



Some information from the Video:


Habitat Marketing Inteview

Paul McIntrye
Owner of Habitat Marketing

Interviewed by Robbie Reid, Marketing Director of Hot Pot Paint and Hardware, Vereeniging. Habitat supply building materials, specifically Cement and Clay Bricks.

Established in 2002, Paul started marketing for his Father’s company, then in September 2011, Paul started Habitat Marketing which has the Brick division and also a transport company.

Habitat Marketing also supplies Sand, Stone, Roof Tiles, Slabs and more. They moved Premises to cater more directly to their target market as their previous location was great, but did not
see the correct client type coming in through the door.

Now based at Hot Pot Paint in Duncanville, Vereeniging they can assist the DIY enthusiast and the contractors who need bricks and other materials directly from the Hot Pot shop floor. Habitat Marketing is able to supply anything from 100 to 1 million bricks. No job is too big or small with the option to call upon a fleet of 40 or so trucks when needed. Their factories are able to manufacture up to 4 million bricks per day if and when required.

You can contact Paul at his landline, 016 427 7053, or via their web site If you need to reach paul via his cell, he can be contacted on his personal cell phone number, 082 771 8569.

Remember to mention this web site when you call so Paul knows how you found him 🙂

Look out for more from Robbie with the start of ‘Robbies Hot Spot’ coming soon to Hot Pot Paint
web site.

Bricks Build Business

We promised more from our office build going on at the back of our store, and the video is below for you to catch as part of our new You Tube Channel of content.

Habitat Marketing, our supplier for clay and cement bricks is moving from its Three Rivers Retail Store to in-house at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging. They will occupy half of the new office space we are creating at the back of our store, the other side will be the new home for Robbie Reid who recently returned to Hot Pot after a break up in Pretoria 😉


Hot Pot Paint new offices in Vereeniging store.

Building the new Offices at Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging

Look out for Robbie’s new video shorts that will be appearing on YouTube soon (once we can pin him down long enough to begin recording them that is)!

If you need new brickwork, having a new build done or maybe you are contractor who needs a good ongoing supply of quality clay or cement bricks? Then please drop into our store and ask to speak with someone who can offer specialist knowledge, advice and support on your next project.

Thanks for watching, please remember to follow us to on Facebook, we would love to hear your feedback on our site and YouTube channel as well as the service you get from our store. Have an awesome day!


Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vereeniging on YouTube

Would you believe it? Hot Pot Paint is finally getting visual online with its own new YouTube Channel. We are just in the process of getting things started, but we uploaded a short video made with an online video tool and also our intro “splash” which will be used in our future casts with Robbie on our specials, what’s happening and other Hot Pot News.



Keep tuned for our updates and please help support us online by telling us what you would like to see more of online from us. You can support us in the following ways too and help us to serve you better.

We have a Newsletter that you can sign up to (its getting a new coat of paint and will be live again from July 2013, but when you sign up now, you will start getting the content as we release it. Our newsletter will contain news about Hot Pot, but also coupons, specials and other goodies that are not available in store directly, so grab yourself a copy today and we will keep you posted on our specials and deals).

Other Ways to help support us online:

Facebook – Please like us on Facebook and share our account with friends. Also keep in touch with us on there too, let us know how we are doing.

Twitter – We have a Twitter News Feed so you can even follow up on there for short news snippets if you like

YouTube – Our new Channel. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you can watch all our episodes as we release them.

If you own a business in the local area, get in touch, we may even share some news about your products (if they are relevant of course) on our show!

Thanks for your continued support, we would not be in business without you and we value your input always!


Hot Pot on You Tube

Hot Pot Paint now on YouTube



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