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Tools for any D.I.Y Job.

No matter how big or small your home project. Hot Pot Paint and Hardware will now be able to assist you with everything from your Paint & Hardware to your Tools and even the wallpaper.

Our new ever growing range of tools will be on hand to assist with any project. From hammers and saws to G-Clamps and masks. If we don’t stock it and you need it. Let us know and we will see if we can source it for you.


Tools for any Job

Inside our family store you can get assistance from the team, and we have projects being added to our web site all the time.

If you need a tool for the job, get in touch or come along to our Vereeniging store today. We look forward to helping you on your next project.

Warm up the Outdoors this Winter

The one great thing about this Country is the wonderful weather we get throughout the year. But sometimes, on those nippy winter days, its great to still keep warm on the patio to just sit and unwind, enjoy a good bottle of red (or white) and soak up the day.

The only trouble is it can sometimes just be too cold to sit and relax when the mountain snow gets carried in the wind across our gardens. The temperature drops like crazy and its not great to sit outside. Well that was until now.

Hot Pot Paint now stocks a great Winter Warmer in the shape of a patio heater. Its easy to set up and use and really easy to get the heat flowing and keeping you warm whilst you enjoy your great outdoors.

Why not give us a call, or better still, drop into the store to check one out?

Whilst you are here, we now also stock some great charcoal and briquettes to get those fires burning.

Patio Heaters

Get Warm Outside this Winter

Home Decorating Ideas

Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas

Home decorating is not something that requires a vast fortune in order to do. Nor is it something that must be accomplished all at once. The ideal manner to decorate a home is one step at a time, one room at a time. This makes the process much less stressful, more enjoyable, and imminently more affordable. Some great ideas are to start small then work your way up.

Paint is one of the least expensive things you can do to a room that will have the most immediate and profound impact on the overall look and feel of the room in question. By selecting the paint colors and painting the walls before anything else is done everything else can be done in order to match the colors you have placed on the walls. More importantly, paint is something that the average person is capable of doing on their own rather than being forced to hire experts in order to get it done. Any home improvement project that you can do yourself will save more money than you can imagine along the way.

Home Decorating Ideas

Home Decorating Ideas

Once you’ve managed changing your walls, you may wish to change your window treatments. Roman shades are an excellent choice as they are rather simple to make (which would leave you only the cost of the fabric and supplies) but they are not the only option. I would recommend some sort of curtains as a form of window treatment as they are much more personal than the typical mini blinds found in so many homes today. Curtains or Roman shades can be purchased to match the colors on your walls and should not be a terribly expensive investment.

Flooring has in the past often been out of reach of those seeking to casually improve the look of a room. New technology and materials have made new flooring a valid option even for those who are on seriously limited home decorating budgets. Laminates are a good option for those who love the look of hardwood but cannot afford the expense of materials and/or labor for these floors in their homes. Laminates can often be installed by even those with limited skills and make a very noticeable change in the look and feel of a room. Peel and stick tile is another option for those whose budgets will not accommodate laminate flooring. Check out the options and the prices at your local home improvement store. You just might be amazed at what you can afford.

Rather than purchasing new furniture to make an impressive impact on the look of your living area, try furniture covers. These can often be purchased in shades that will match your new décor and are much less expensive than new furniture leaving money for the little touches that matter so much in the overall look of the room. Besides, when friends and family walk in and see the changes they will be shocked and amazed. They may even be convinced that you do in fact have new furniture.

Mirrors are excellent tools to use when decorating a home. More importantly, they are rather inexpensive for the most part. Mirrors also lend the appearance of a much more wide-open space than having no mirrors would accomplish. If you have a fire place, strategically located mirrors can spread the warmth and coziness (if not the heat) of a fire throughout the room making the room as a whole seem like a much more enjoyable place to escape the winter “blahs”.

Artwork, candles, vases, and floral arrangements can be purchased one piece at a time in order to give the room a more polished look. Once you’ve decorated one room in your home with these budget tips in mind you can move on to other rooms in your home and incorporate the same ideals as you go. Remember that decorating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it will require some patience and planning on your part. With this in mind, there should be nothing to stop you from heading out today and getting to work on your new home decorating plans.

Academy Brushware

If you need a paint brush, not just any brush, but the right one for the right job, then be sure to check out the Academy range in store at Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging.

With rollers, roller sets, brooms, oval brushes, mops, putty knives, scrappers and more, the Academy Range offers quality at a great affordable price.

Our stock of rollers alone is impressive. Ezypile, Propile, Ruffpile, Mock Mohair, and much more in store. From 50mm to 225mm ranges, you can be sure to get what you need. Maybe you are working on a one off job at home, or you need 50 for a team on site, we can accommodate your needs and will ensure we order in specially for you if you have a big project in mind.

Academy Brushware range at Hot Pot Paint

Academy was founded in 1953, and have built an enviable reputation in the industry. Be sure to use the best for your projects and allow us to assist you in planning and guidance with our expert team.

Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging More Images

Here are some more shots of our new store in Vereeniging.
If you need paint, plumbing, gardening equipment, cement, rollers, brushes and more. Then pop into our store where we will be happy to assist you.

More shots of the Vereeniging Hot Pot Paint & Hardware Store

Corlia in shock at the till at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware

Another photo of our new store in Vereeniging

Please feel free to share your visit with others. Click on the facebook or twitter links below this post 🙂

Webco Tools at Hot Pot Paint

We are pleased to offer you fantastic quality tools from Webco Tools, a great South African Company.

From saws to wheelbarrows, levels to spades, we have the range in stock. Take the wide range of pliers for example. From Tin Snip to Fencing and Mini Pliers, we have them available for you to browse and purchase in our Vereeniging Store.

Ask in store about the Webco Guarantee. You will not find better in South Africa and we have been impressed with their service, quality of products and the great feedback from our customers to date.

Be sure to check out the Webco Range of tools when you next pass by.
Webco Tools with the lifetime guarantee

New Photos from the Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging Store

The new store is going very well, and we just want to say thank you so much to our customers old and new for the continued support.

With much more in our range, from cement, to taps, and gardening to plumbing, we have seen our customers happy faces at the increased range available.

More like a one stop shop, with an ever increasing stock range, we aim to deliver all you need for the basic home D.I.Y job to the contractor seeking great deals on bulk orders.

Balcony View of our new store at Hot Pot Paint & Hardware Vereeniging

Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vereeniging New Images

Perhaps you need a few new spare keys for the home? Check out our new Key cutting department in-store.

Key Cutting at Awesome Prices with Hot Pot Paint

We also have a great range of taps courtesy of Cachet International for you to browse in our main store.

Taps, Taps, Taps - Get your in store at Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging

Not forgetting if you need some help and advice, take a seat in our inspiration corner and allow our team to assist you with ideas from colour ranges and samples to great decorating tips.
Inspiration for Decorating your Home or Office?

If you need something specific, why not give us a call on Vereeniging 016 428 5525 or drop in-store and ask us in person, we are always happy to assist.

Two Weeks Until New Shop Opening

With just over 2 weeks to go until the new shop opens, things are hotting up at Hot Pot Paint.
The office supports are in for the new offices above the shop floor, the coffee shop is now painted, and the new warehouse space is starting to be developed. With all the new shelving and displays on their way, look out for our next post which will show some of the amazing new display areas we have for you.

From Brush ware to Plumbing, Electrical to Swimming Pools, we will have all the services you need for a one stop local shop in Vereeniging.

New staff have started in the past weeks to work in Accounts, Stock Control, Customer Service and Tills. We will bring you photos of our team on the site very soon.

If you have a question about stock, pricing, or about the new store, feel free to pop in and see us whilst the new building takes shape, and remember to keep the 26th or 27th March 2010 free to come along to our opening where you can pick up some great bargains, some free give aways, and enter our fantastic competition.

We look forward to seeing you in store very soon.

Below are some more pictures of the ongoing development. (Sorry some our blurred).

Combining the two buildings at Hot Pot

Making way for the new store

New Store Area

Making room for more stock

Support Beams for new upstairs offices

Support the new Offices

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Article Supplied by Ezine Articles & Mario Mauro

Care for your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Up Keep

Many families dream of having a backyard swimming pool to enjoy on lazy summer days. However, installing the pool isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about. Once you get your pool in correctly, it will be your job as the owner to do regular swimming pool maintenance. If you neglect this important chore, your pool can become damaged or even unsafe to use. However, it’s not difficult to properly maintain a pool.

Cleaning the Pool

The biggest part of maintaining your pool properly is cleaning it effectively. Your pool has a filter system that cleans and circulates the pool water. The most common filter uses sand to remove contaminants from the pool water. This system will need to be cleaned.

In order to clean the pool water and filter system, you will first want to remove all large particles from the water, such as leaves. You can do this with a pool net. The filter system will remove smaller particles by sucking water through the sand filter. Your filter should be active for at least six, and as much as eight, hours a day. It should cycle on and off automatically. If you notice that the filter isn’t as effective as it should be, you will need to do some deep cleaning.

During the prime swimming season, you should brush and vacuum the pool at least once a week. A large brush, made for this job, is scraped against the side walls of the pool. As the debris settles to the bottom, a pool vacuum removes it all. At the same time, it’s a good idea to backwash the filtering system. This reverses the flow and blows out any accumulated debris in the filter. You should be able to test the water and realize a significant increase in flow. This is a good indication that it has been done correctly.

Adjust Chemical Levels

After a thorough cleaning has been accomplished, it’s time to check on the PH and chemical levels in the pool. Many pool owners don’t spend a lot of time making sure that a proper balance is achieved in a backyard pool. However, it’s really quite simple to test your pool. You can purchase a water test kit that will help you stay on top of this. After determining these levels, you can adjust the additions that you make to the pool water more effectively. This not only makes it more comfortable to swim, but also safer.

Trouble Shooting Problems

If you pay close enough attention to basic maintenance, you shouldn’t experience very many serious problems with your pool. However, some common problems that are encountered include staining, chlorine burn, cloudy water, algae or swimmers becoming ill. Obviously, if you notice any of these issues, discontinue using the pool until you get to the bottom of the problem.

Some problems can be fixed more than other and don’t cause health problems. Algae, for example, is easily handled by properly adjusting the chlorine levels. Cloudy water could be an indication that the pool needs to be cleaned more often. Surprisingly, when a chlorine smell is heavy, that can mean that you actually aren’t using enough. When there isn’t enough chlorine to break down debris components in the water, a chemical off gassing occurs.

Illness from pool water should be taken very seriously. In no cases should you allow people who you know to be ill to swim in your backyard pool. In addition, if you suspect that your pool has caused illness, stop swimming in it until you have determined the cause and corrected the problem.

Article Source:

Nessies Corner February 16th 2010

Well I campaigned for Pet Food in the store, but not getting very far at this point. But I must say I LOVE the new coffee shop menu that is coming. More cakes for me 🙂

Nessies Corner

Nessies Column on the Hot Pot Web Site

The new building is coming along good. At the moment I get to run around the wide open space of the new building, but the new shelves are coming this week to be put up, so my space is shrinking. I am hoping the gardening section will bring me some new gadgets to help me with my digging to bury all these bones I have saved up.

If you are not an adult just yet (say under the age of 18) and would like to have a mention on my page, then send me in a drawing of me at Hot Pot Paint, or in the garden or something, I would love to see what you draw and then put it up on the site. The adults cannot have all the fun here!

Look out for my monthly column and updates on the Hot Pot Site. I decided to stay and watch over the content, so will be seeing you more on the site.

Nessie Signature

Nessies Paw

Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vereeniging Re-Launch

Come join the party over the weekend of the 26th and 27th March 2010 as Hot Pot Paint and Hardware, Vereeniging opens it’s extended new store to the public.

Come and Join the Party at Hot Pot Paint 26th March 2010

Hot Pot Paint re-launch 27th March 2010

We continue to trade during our upgrade, but the all new store will open to the Public on the 26th March with some great prizes available and some amazing new product lines. If you need new hardware, some tools for the D.I.Y, perhaps plumbing, electrical or even something for the garden, then why not pop along to the store and grab yourself a bargain.

Our coffee shop will also be open that weekend, so you can just relax and enjoy a fresh espresso or cappuccino with a nice piece of cake.

Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Update

The New Building is being built on to the side of the current Hot Pot Paint here in Vereeniging to double the available space. It will include a new coffee shop for our customers to relax and unwind in.

Welcome to Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging

The new store is coming...

New stock being added to our current range includes, Plumbing, Electrical, Garden, Swimming Pool, D.I.Y, Tools and Building Supplies. You can see some of the images on the site of the construction. Once the new building is complete, you will find some updates here on the blog.

Get ready to see the all new Hot Pot Paint very soon.

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