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2016 Colour Forecast Dulux and Plascon

Trends Range from White to Bold Colour Statements

In the coming year of 2016 we are seeing a varying choice in colour direction from the various paint manufacturers around the globe. In the UK, Dulux is going Gold (you can see the link to their London Tent Expo below). Plascon here in SA is opting for the beach with their Atlantic Blue (and very nice it is too), whilst in the US, White is making a come back in the playbook.

Dulux 2016 Colour Forecast UK

Plascon 2016 Colour Forecast


A World of Colour and Choice from the Paint Companies


In the UK, Dulux appeared at Tent in London and revealed their UK Colour will be
Cherished Gold, Colour of the Year for 2016. Watch the video on YouTube below


Plascon Colour of the Year for 2016 will be:
Atlantic Beach B5-B1-1

Read the full colour forecast online here…


Whilst in the USA, White is making its come back in a striking way. 4 Top Paint
Manufacturers are going with the neutral to allow more creativity from the user.


What are your thoughts?

Do you like striking bold colours, or the more neutral choices? Do you tend to vary your selection
across your home, or stick to one trend colour throughout the space?

Dulux Everday+ Trend Collection 2015

One of the articles in the Everyday Collection for 2015 focuses on the Him and Her proposition that comes with moving in together. There are often clashes in design ideas, personality styles and room design that leave a lot hanging up in the air. But often there is a great compromise to be had in bringing the styles together and choosing complimentary colours and elements to the room.

You can see more from Dulux below in the Facebook Page and also the Article linked below to their web site.

Him and Her from the Dulux Trends Collection


We have included a video at the bottom of this page too for you to have a little fun together in the bedroom… its a nice touch to include in your design style.

If you want to learn more, pop into store here in Vereeniging and ask us to help you, we would be happy to give you some pointers. We also have the Everyday+ Brochure in our inspired corner along with many other colour ideas to inspire you.

Drop in when you are next in the area, or feel free to call us on 016 428 1113 or 016 428 5525.

Notes, links and the video

Photo on Facebook

Article to read

Pebble Drift Colour

Now for something a little different…

Why not paint a BlackBoard Headboard for your bedroom to share with your loved one.

You can even leave each other some loving notes and pictures 🙂 Watch the video from Dulux below


Dulux Visualizer App Review

Dulux Visualizer App Review

Watch the Video Review, Click Play Below

Read the Review if you Prefer Below…

Dulux Visualizer App Written Review

We finally made it, our quick review of the Dulux Visualizer App you may have seen advertised on TV Lately.

At first glance it was a little annoying, actually requiring a second look to really get into it as it was designed to be used. The first time we took a tour, it felt like it was against you and not intuitive at all like they show you in their demo video at the beginning.

The colour pallette on launch was not all in place (certainly not on our test anyway), but the second time around all seemed well and it felt easier to navigate.

It does have a little learning curve and time to adapt to its inner working, but once you set aside some time to play, you will soon be flying around the app like a pro, searching for colours you like or know already.

In my example on the video I just searched for Red and it gave me a multitude of choice.

There is even a pop up notice to let you know that the colour on your screen may not be an exact match the real life version on your wall.

As you will see though, there is a whole spectrum of colour to walk through on screen with a swipe of the finger along the top of the screen colour selection bar.

You can then drill down to types within the range before applying and then actually testing in the app.

The actual process of colouring in your walls is not too bad to be honest. It does give you a sense of how it may actually look should you go ahead and paint. Some parts get a little pixelated, but in this case, just choose to point your camera on a smooth and uncluttered wall for maximium effect.

To be honest, I would only recommend using this app on a tablet, or certainly a larger screen smart phone as it can be a little hard with tiny buttons.

The colour ranges available are vast and we loved the option to search for a local store, like us here at Hot Pot Paint.

So to sum up, the app is what it says, a visualizer, maybe a little gimmicky to be fair, and not likely to be a mainstay tester for the long haul, but certainly some good fun has promise for the future of paint selection. Let’s hope that Dulux watches out for customer and user feedback and updates the app for future releases.

Below is the How To Guide from Dulux UK – Most of it is relevant to the South African Market, but some features are not available or as good on the local version.

What did you think of the app if you tested it yourself?

How the Pro’s Paint a Room

Painting a Room in Your Home

I just got done with painting some of the house to spruce up for spring and it takes a little chunk of time out of your week if you are going to do things correctly.

How to Paint a Room

It is best to plan and if you can, remove furniture and fittings from the room to make it much simpler to decorate. If you cannot do this, then covering the furniture and special fixtures is essential if you want to avoid scraping off paint afterwards.

There are a couple of schools of thought in the prep phase. Some pro’s will tell you to go with painters tape to mask up the room for a better clean line finish, whilst others will tell you it is better to master the art of good cutting in to get that flush look. In the links below you can see a couple of great articles about the ways the pro’s do it, and watch a video from Home Depot in the US on how to paint a room.

My personal preference after several years of redecorating homes is to skip the tape and cut in with care and practice using a good quality brush.

Of course everything you need from Drop Cloths to Paint Brushes and Rollers, along with the actual paint is availa ble in store here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging. Give us a call on 016 428 5525 if you need some help and advice, and remember to think about some colour ideas before you come to store so we can help you to narrow down final choice if you need it.

Here are those links I mentioned and the video from Home Depot USA.

The School of Non Taping

The Pro who says to use Tape


Your Video Guide (which shows taping)

Tell us your personal preference for painting and even share some photos if you have them 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Rockgrip from Dulux

Looking for something a little Versatile to Paint Your Home?

Rockgrip is Specifically designed to be value for money for consumers looking for an affordable solution in today’s market. It has interior and exterior use and comes in a selection of colours and finishes to suit your needs.

Rockgrip Paint from Dulux

It boasts a compact palette range of 180 colours and is part of the Dulux Range which includes Primers, Undercoats and Speciality Paint. If you would like some further advice or help, please feel free to call us in Vereeniging on 016 428 5525 or 016 428 1113

Rockgrip also offers a General Purpose Undercoat and Plaster Primer along with Bonding Liquid and other Primers.

Rockgrip Colour Card

The image below is a snapshot from The Basic Rockgrip Colour Card that we have in store at Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging.

Rockgrip Colour Chart from Dulux

If you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, or want some simple colour choices for the inside, then be sure to ask in store about Rockgrip from Dulux if you are looking for a value for money product.

Here is a link to some Decorating Advice about Paint from Dulux too!

Dulux Paint at Hot Pot Paint & Hardware

Dulux Paint Stockist in Vereeniging

We have been selling paint and hardware for over 17 years in the local community. A family owned business we are proudly South African and happy to be a part of the great community around us. Thank you for your support over the years.

Dulux Paint Stockist

We stock many top brands of paint, Dulux being one of them. If you need something for the roof, kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area, iron fence and more, be sure to ask in store for some advice and assistance before buying. We have experienced staff on site who know all about the harsh weather in SA and the impact it can have on your walls and roofs, not to mention the gates and fences.

We sell to trade and direct to the public, so be sure to give us a call on 016 428 1113, 016 427 5525 and let us assist you with your paint and hardware needs.

Colour Design, Choosing your Palette

Colour Ideas with the Colour Wheel

What the Wheel Tells Us?

The standard guides tell us about the various ways to help when choosing colours that compliment in a room design. Typically you get the following:


This deals with a single colour and uses shades, tints tones etc to give you the variations


Using three colours adjacent to one another on the colour wheel


Colour combination of two colours opposite one another on the colour wheel for dramatic impact.


This is a scheme of three colours that are evenly spaced around a colour wheel to give quite vibrant results.

Watch our Video for some Ideas and Guidance

Please let us know what you think? Post below or write on our Facebook Page. Did you like the video series? What else would you like to know more about? We truly appreciate your feedback.


Link to other sites as promised in the Video!

Dulux, Using the Colour Wheel

Adobe Colour Wheel

Plascon Colour System Colour Palette Ideas

Dulux, What is a Neutral Colour Scheme

Dulux, Top Interior Design Tips for Choosing Paint Colours 10 Tips for Picking Paint Colours How to Choose a Colour Scheme and the Basics of Colour Coordination

Dulux, Browse our Colours

Inspiration for Redecorating Your Home – Video 1

Watch our YouTube Video to get some ideas for Painting a Room in your Home

Colour Ideas when Painting a Room

Click Play To Watch – Or Open up in a larger screen on YouTube!

Sites Mentioned in the Video Series for further help!

Dulux, Using the Colour Wheel

Adobe Colour Wheel

Plascon Colour System Colour Palette Ideas

Dulux, What is a Neutral Colour Scheme

Dulux, Top Interior Design Tips for Choosing Paint Colours 10 Tips for Picking Paint Colours How to Choose a Colour Scheme and the Basics of Colour Coordination

Dulux, Browse our Colours


Please comment below to let us know what you think of the video and anything else you would like us to make content about with video! Thank You 🙂

Colours of the World Available in Your Home Today

Dulux Colours of the World Promotion Offer Inspirational Colour Palettes.

Colours of the World by Dulux

Make yourself at home around the globe with Dulux Colours of the World™ Promotion.

Argentina, Kenya, Provence, Scandinavia and Japan all feature in the Dulux Colours of the Wold™ palettes. Taken from inspirational and beautiful places, you can create the style you dream of in your own home.

Each unique pattern colour come in 5 shades named:


The product is a Low Sheen Washable Finish, low in odour for application and easy to apply with a brush, roller and even spray. Coverage is around 8-10 sqm per litre per coat. Taking only 60 minutes to dry and recoat application within 4 hours this is simply a wonderful product. It is easy to clean too with just water.

This interior paint is great for the home and truly transforms the look of any room. Check it out at our store, Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Duncanville, Vereeniging or ask a staff member for more details. We will be happy to assist you.

You can see more on the Dulux Web Site if you Prefer!


Paint and Hardware at Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging

Come on Down to Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereening.

We have the full range in stock to assist you. From Dulux Luxurious Silk and Weatherguard, to Dulux Gloss Enamels and Trade paint. You can find Stoep Paint, Woodguard, Flexicote, Plascon Micatex, Ilex Roof Paint, Dulux Roofguard, Plascon NuRoof, and a wide variety of other paints all in store when you need them.

Undercoat, plaster primer, QD Red Oxide, if you need it to get the job done, chances are we stock it.

With thousands of lines in our stock department, feel free to give us a call before you drop by, or just come in and see us, we are happy to help you.

Vereeniging 016 428 5518 or 016 428 1113.


Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging

Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in the Vaal Triangle


If you need drill bits, pop rivets, nails, screws, hammers, screw drivers, sprit levels, builders line, measures, garden gear, braai materials, power tools, drop sheets, personal protective equipment, gumboots, gloves, and more, its likely we already have it in our store.

Coffee shops open from 8am to 4pm each day, so have a coffee before or after you browse to warm up in the winter weather or an iced one to cool down on a hot summer day.

We look forward to welcoming you in store.

108a Houtkop Road, Duncanville, Vereeniging, Gauteng, 1930.

Paint Your Roof in South Africa

Paint Your Roof in South Africa

Paint Your Roof in South Africa



What Colour Do You Like Your Roof?

South African Sun is hard on the roof tops of most South African Homes. It needs to cope with some heavy sun rays and then there is the issue of the material the roof is constructed from.

In the Cape, its common to see those Green, sometimes Blue roof tops, where as the Vaal Triangle has Red making a popular choice.

Be sure to prep your roof correctly before applying your chosen paint, even hire in a professional if you do not want the hassle of doing the work for yourself.

At Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging we stock a wide choice of Roof Paint so you will never be left without a choice.

Dulux, Plascon, Excelsior, iLex and more we hold a constant level of stock to help you get the job done when you need to.

Dulux has a great range of choice with its RoofGuard options, you can read all about application and use on their South African Web Site

Plascon also has a choice and its NuRoof brand is prooving a popular choice, they have details on their site too!

Excelsior Paint also offers a good and cheaper alternative for those on a budget as do iLex, both of whom we stock in our store here in the Vaal Triangle.You can find details about Excelsior on their web site and iLex at their site.

The great benefit to coming to a store like Hot Pot is the specialist knowledge built up over the last sixteen or so years in the trade. From the paint type to preparation, we can help and advise you in store. We also work with many local contractors which means if you need to find someone reliable to do the job, we can assist you there too. Whilst we cannot guarantee their work, we make sure to pass on details of reputable companies and self employed workers whom have been referred to us time and time again and who’s work has been complemented by others who come to our store.

Dulux 20L Roofguard

Dulux 20L Roofguard



iLex Roof Paint

iLex Roof Paint



Excelsior Roof Paint

Excelsior Roof Paint



Plascon NUROOF

Plascon NUROOF


Dulux Splash of Colour in the Bathroom

Dulux Splash of Colour to Bathroom

Dulux Bathroom Painting Design Tips

Outline the colour in your bathroom by framing it with more neutral colours.
Amplify the light in a smaller bathroom, and remember to use mirrors to reflect
the light around the room.

Watch this very quick video from Dulux UK on using a splash of bold colour in
your bathroom space. Some neat quick tips and inspiration to take a leap with
your colour selections.


What has Dulux and Plascon Cooked up for 2015?

Dulux and Plascon Colours 2015

Dulux and Plascon Colour Forecasts for 2015

Some exciting colours were abound this year. 2015 appears to be looking to deliver more fantastic options for design. Taking into account the land, the world around us and even our differences as people.

Did you have a favourite colour this past year?

Here is a video from Dulux sharing their own outlook for 2015 and their nominated Colour of the Year for 2015.

For a look at what Dulux and Plascon have in store, take a look at the following web pages.

Dulux Five Design Trends for 2015

Plascon 2015 Colour Forecast

Dulux Summer Cash Bonanza

Dulux Summer Cash Promotion


Hello Summer, Hello Cash! The Dulux Paint Promotion is On

Come on down to Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging to get your paint on!
Dulux is running a cool summer promotion with the opportunity to Win Your Share of R250,000

To find out if you are an instant winner, just purchase any tin of Dulux paint and then SMS “hello summe”,
with your name and the last 4 digits of the barcode and the store name as per your till slip.

Stand a chance to be a summer sizzler winner!

Terms and Conditions do apply, please ask in store for further information and assistance.

Good Luck!

Current Dulux Weatherguard Textured Price

Get Dulux Weatherguard for just R815 for 20L

Dulux Weatherguard 20l Price


Come down to the store in Vereeniging and bag yourself 20l of Dulux Weatherguard at R815 right now.
Not sure how long we can hold this price, but we have managed to run it for some time now. Just to be certain, give us a call before coming on 016 428 1113, we will be happy to assist you.

Pricing is always subject to availability so be sure to ask and let us know you saw this price on Facebook too 🙂 Better still, like and share with your friends so they can grab a deal too.

Let us know how we can help you better in store, we always very much appreciate your feedback.


Painted Graphic Effects DIY

Bedroom Graphics with Paint

Dulux Painted Graphic Effects

This is a neat way to get a different look in the bedroom and bathroom of your house. In this quick video from Dulux Paint, you can see how to get a stunning effect using a little paint, great stuff.

Did you do something special with paint in your home? Why not send us a picture or even a video and we will share your wonderful achievement on the site 🙂 We may even send you a special thank you gift for sharing too!

What Colours are Coming in 2015

Dulux Australia Colour Forecast – Connection

Dulux Colour Forecast 2015


So what colours are coming to South Africa in 2015?

We are still awaiting the plans, but this video from Dulux Australia talks about connection with our environment, so maybe this will be something we can expect here in SA in 2015?

What colours do you love most and why?

Send us your pictures or links to your facebook page or pinterest boards. We would love to give you a shout out on our site and pages.


Amazing Marbling Effect

Dulux Marbling Effect Video

In this video you can quickly learn how to create a stunning marbling effect on a painted wall


How to get the Marble Effect when Painting a Room

This is part of an entire course that the instructor teaches for Dulux, but you can watch this quick video guide which demonstrates how to get amazing results. Let us know your thoughts too, and share if you try this out for yourself 🙂


Super Seventeen Charity Day at Hot Pot Paint

Charity Day at Hot Pot Paint

Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Charity Day

Its coming back! Keep posted on Facebook and our blog for news of the Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Super Seventeen Birthday Bash. Business networking day, family fun, the Dulux Dogs back on site again and raising money for local charity Lifeline.

More news will be posted here soon, and remember to like us on Facebook to keep up with the news too.

We look forward to sharing a great day at the store with you.

UPDATE Monday 8th September!

Its picking up pace here at Hot Pot Paint & Hardware in Vereeniging. Get yourself ready for a great business and networking day and also fun for all the family.

The Dulux Dogs are booked, the jumping castle is ready to spring into action, the local business owners and managers from the 4 BNI chapters are preparing their wares to bring to the day and the Hot Dogs are in preparation to sizzle from Toit Butchery.

We hope to confirm something extra special for the day very soon, so keep peeled, but it should be quite uplifting 😉

See you soon at Hot Pot Paint.

Price Increases on the way, Save on Dulux Weatherguard

Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vaal Triangle


Price Increases Coming April 2014

Its that time of year when all the suppliers put out their new price lists and due to this past poor season of fuel hikes, toll roads and more the prices are going up on average 10+% across the board. We have sat around the table to try and make sure we bring the best deals we can to you and keep our prices the best we can. Value and great service are the foundation of Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging and we will do our best to give our best at all times.

A new post will be available around the beginning of April with some examples of our new pricing, but I wanted to share with you one price that if you act fast you can make yourself a nice saving.

Dulux Weatherguard Textured 20L will be up to R 815 from April 2014, but if you come into store for this next week you can still grab a bargain with the R739 pricing we have held on to for many months now. If you need to get some outside work done or you fancy something different on the inside, then take a look at our special 20L price for Dulux Weatherguard Texture in store today, or call us on 016 428 1113 and ask for the deal price on Weatherguard.

Get the Paint Jobs Done with Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vaal Triangle

Get the right paint for the Job at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware

No matter what you are looking for, down at Hot Pot we have a wide range of choices for the home DIY
Enthusiast through to the professional tradesperson.

From Dulux to Plascon, Excelsior to Riordan, there is a great selection for you no matter what the job.
If you are in the trade, then the fantastic Dulux Trade range may well be what you require for that ultimate
professional finish.

Like example the Dulux Trade 100 Matt Finish. A quality product for amazing results.
You can read more on the South African Dulux site here.
Dulux Trade 100

Available in store to our customers at Hot Pot Paint and also via Dulux Direct to collect at Hot Pot.
You can also see the product data sheet here as well
Dulux Matt Trade Datasheet

If you would like to see the other Trade options from Dulux, you can read more on their site here.
Other Professional Products from Dulux

Remember that our sales team are on hand to advise and support you however they can at Hot Pot, so feel free
to call us on 016 428 5525 to get assistance.

Dulux Roofguard 20L November Special 2013

Dulux Roofguard November 2013 Special


Dulux Roofguard 20L Promotion


With its 10 Year Guarantee the Superior Long Lasting Roof Coating with Solarflex™ is on special at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vereeniging.

At just R860 per 20L drum, this special will run out fast! Dulux Roofguard 20L standard colours, whilst stocks last.

Dulux Roofguard is the superior choice for roof protection, offering the best in durability. The unique properties of Solarflex™ ensure that your colours stay truer for longer and that you
are provided with the very best in UV Protection.

Recommended for all roof types, fibre cement roofs, galvanised roofs, cement roof tiles. Can also be used for other applications such as Galvanised iron garage doors, gutters, down pipes,  garden pots and side cladding.

Before painting, refer to the “Best Painting Practice” on

Dulux Roofguard:

Colour Fast and UV resistant

Excellent water and dirt resistance

All Weather Protection.

About the 10 Year Guarantee:

The Dulux 10 Year Guarantee is a mark of the ultimate in Dulux product quality and performance.
TO REGISTER for the Guarantee, please visit and view all the terms
and conditions. Or if you prefer, call 0860 038 589. Please NOTE: Products MUST be registered within
30 days of purchase to qualify.


Dulux Roofguard 20L on Promotion

Dulux Roofguard 20L on Promotion

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