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Nessies Christmas Wishes

I have to say first of all, many thanks for those of you who wrote to me 🙂 Thanks for your agreement on the dog food situation, which I am glad to say we now stock in store. So for all you hungry pups out there, come and grab some dog chow, its lovely.

Nessie update on HotPot Paint

Another year has almost gone, lets remember to love and burst into song 😀

Christmas is an important time for everyone, and remembering others, spending time with your family and friends and sharing the precious times is essential. We will be open for most of the holiday season, except the 16th December, and a couple of days around Christmas Day itself.

In store you will find some amazing deals and prices on everything from Roof Paint to Contractors PVA. Brushes to Hose Pipes (yeah, some cool water to run through whilst they water the flowers).

Drop by and see us, and enjoy a coffee in the Coffee Shop. That fresh brew smell gets me everyday.

Everyone at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware, Vereeniging wishes you well, and we look forward to assisting you all we can in 2011.

Nessies Paw

Love from Nessie

Nessies Corner February 16th 2010

Well I campaigned for Pet Food in the store, but not getting very far at this point. But I must say I LOVE the new coffee shop menu that is coming. More cakes for me 🙂

Nessies Corner

Nessies Column on the Hot Pot Web Site

The new building is coming along good. At the moment I get to run around the wide open space of the new building, but the new shelves are coming this week to be put up, so my space is shrinking. I am hoping the gardening section will bring me some new gadgets to help me with my digging to bury all these bones I have saved up.

If you are not an adult just yet (say under the age of 18) and would like to have a mention on my page, then send me in a drawing of me at Hot Pot Paint, or in the garden or something, I would love to see what you draw and then put it up on the site. The adults cannot have all the fun here!

Look out for my monthly column and updates on the Hot Pot Site. I decided to stay and watch over the content, so will be seeing you more on the site.

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Nessies Paw

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