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Get Rid of Unwanted Weeds in Your Garden

With the rain season upon us here in the Vaal Triangle, you may well of noticed those pesky weeds popping up in your front yard, driveway and paths around your home? There are some good weed killers on the market available at your local Hardware store (like here at Hot Pot Paint), but should you decide to go the more natural route, here are some tips that are well worth a try.

Alternative Weed Killer

1. Regular Salt

This stuff is great on food, for preserving meat and fish, but also makes a good natural weed killer too. You can dilute in water, usually 2 cups per litre for better results and then apply directly to the weeds and down in their roots. You have to be careful as this solution can kill plants that are perfectly happy in the garden, so like most weed killers, it is advisable to ensure that you direct your application to the weed only and not around garden plants and bushes.

2. White Vinegar

Standard household white vinegar is not as strong as the industrial strength you find in garden centres, so you need to use as it comes for the best results and not dilute it down. Using a spray applicator is a good idea as you can get down into the roots. It has been said that it is also more effective when applied in hot sunny weather. If it rains within 12 hours of applying, you are better off going over with a second try to get the best results.

3. Baking Soda

Once you have weeds out of the cracks in pathways etc, it is a great idea to sprinkle Baking Soda on the path and then sweep it into the cracks. This is usually effective at preventing more weed from growing, and it also deters ants too.

4. Boiling Water

This one is time consuming as it requires a constant top up and boiling of the kettle (or you could light a Gas Burner and heat a pot of water and then carefully top up something to pour from), but it is effective at killing larger weeds that have started to grow in your yard. In this case it will mean more repeated applications as it does not always kill off the entire root if its embeded well in the ground. You may need to apply some vinegar or something else afterwards in order to kill off the actual root.

If you need a stronger option, come down to see us at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging, we have stock on hand to help you, plus we have pressure sprayers in stock too if you want an easy way to distribute the stuff over your yard.

Let us know how you get on with the natural options suggested above if you give them a go, perhaps take a before and after picture and send it in to us to share with others, it would be much appreciated by all.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the garden this coming summer.

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Raised Garden Bed DIY

Benefits of Having a Raised Garden Bed

Having a raised garden bed has many advantages. The obvious one is that you do not have to scratch around on ground level and can be seated comfortably, or even standing if you prefer to make them even higher.

Raised Garden Bed

Video Courtesy of WoodLogger on YouTube Channel

The soil that you put in can be controlled by you as well for quality additions, and watering is more controlled, plus the soil tends to warm faster once the sun rises due to the elevated position. This can be beneficial and even help to speed up growth a little in some situations.

Having the raised grow beds also allows easy management of your crop and can be protected more easily to avoid animals getting at your produce.

You can build your beds from Wood, Cement, Stone, brick etc, but just be sure to check that its not treated in a way that may leech out chemicals into your soil over time. You can also place weed cloth on the base of your area to reduce weed penetration as well.

Just remember, the higher you build, the more material you will need in the first place to build your raised garden beds which increases your cost. Plus you will need more soil and compost to fill them up. Keep beds at a reasonable length as having extended long beds can become annoying to walk around and tend each side. It is better as a guide to keep the width to around 4 Feet if you have access both sides, or 2.5 to 3 feet if only going from the one side to tend to the garden.

Just search on the web for many great ideas for different stlyes and shapes, and to get you started we have a neat video below showing just how simple it can be.

If you build one, send us in a picture to, we would be happy to share your efforts with our readers to show off your skills 🙂

We stock power tools, nails, screws and more down at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware. Plus we have Garden tools and range to choose from. Pop in store to take a look, and remember, if we do not carry on the shop floor, it is more than likely that we can order it in for you and delivery is not usually long from our suppliers.


New Life in them old Outdoor Chairs and Tables

Bring Rusted Old Outdoor Furniture back to Life

Breathe new life into old rusted outdoor furniture


If you are looking to breathe new life into your old rusted tables and chairs for summer rather than paying out loads of your hard earned cash for new ones, then check out some of the sites and posts we link to below for some cool insights.

Painting Old Patio Furniture

On this page on Pinterest you can access some cool articles on renewing your old patio furniture.


From Crusty and Rusty to Shiny and New

This is a great article which shows you what NOT to do when retouching your old garden furniture. A great lesson learned in the mistakes we can easily make and then ultimately getting it right. Useful read.


Painting Metal Chairs

Here is another Pinterest page which shows you more on painting metal chairs


For some more reading, take a look at these two posts as well:

Before and After Metal Table and Chairs Repaint!

How to Paint Rusted Outdoor Furniture

Swimming Pool Ideas

It’s that time of year once again. The Pool will need a spruce up in time for summer swimming days and nights!

If you have been thinking about getting a pool installed, perhaps the links on this article may help you with some inspiration?

Having a pool is wonderful in a country like ours. It adds to the special time spent outdoors with family and friends and our children. Just remember to keep the pool covered and safe from the young ones!
At Hot Pot, you can find our range of swimming pool paint and other items in stock.

Send us your pictures of your swimming pools and we will add them to this post to inspire others! From the above ground pools to the slightly obscure, take a look and see what inspires you!


Rock Star Pool?

Thanks to for

the image above and below.

Nice looking pool

Nice looking pool

Nice Pool Bar

Nice Pool Bar

Image courtesy of


Something Natural Looking

Something Natural Looking

Image courtesy of



Of course, if you live here (below on Necker Island) like Sir Richard, then you may not need the pool 🙂

Necker Island View from Top Suite

Necker Island View from Top Suite

Image courtesy of



Braai Baby

Braai today



Braai Time in South Africa

we just had Braai Day recently and the summer is on the way, so what better time to invest in a new built in braai just before the season truly kicks in.

The great thing about living in South Africa is you can braai just about the whole year, and once you set up a built in unit, you will be sure to make use of your new home improvement.
the year through.

We have a selection on offer at Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging from MegaMaster, so you will have plenty of choice.

We also stock wood and charcoal, so be sure to pop in to top up.

Send us your photos and videos from your own Braai’s and we will put them up on our site and facebook page.

Got a GREAT Braai recipe? Send it in to us so we can share with the world 🙂

Enjoy your braai!


Braai is Best




Warm up the Outdoors this Winter

The one great thing about this Country is the wonderful weather we get throughout the year. But sometimes, on those nippy winter days, its great to still keep warm on the patio to just sit and unwind, enjoy a good bottle of red (or white) and soak up the day.

The only trouble is it can sometimes just be too cold to sit and relax when the mountain snow gets carried in the wind across our gardens. The temperature drops like crazy and its not great to sit outside. Well that was until now.

Hot Pot Paint now stocks a great Winter Warmer in the shape of a patio heater. Its easy to set up and use and really easy to get the heat flowing and keeping you warm whilst you enjoy your great outdoors.

Why not give us a call, or better still, drop into the store to check one out?

Whilst you are here, we now also stock some great charcoal and briquettes to get those fires burning.

Patio Heaters

Get Warm Outside this Winter

Winter, Schminter… Let’s Braai!

Winter may be here, but we are still going to Braai


Photos Grab from

See More Images on

Yes, it’s true, summer is now definately over here in South Africa, but nothing can beat a great braai.

At Hot Pot Paint, we have charcoal in stock to help you out and we have some new arrivals coming soon if you want to step it up and have some awesome braai weekends!

More on that in a week or so, but for now, I have pasted some videos below from YouTube to keep you busy.

The first is from a guy called Braai Tips, and he shows you getting a charcoal fire going using a Weber Chimney.

In the second video, there is a handy D.I.Y guide for anyone wanting to make their own charcoal chimney with ease.

Don’t forget, if you need power tools or drill bits, we have them in store for you as well.

Come along and see us.

108a Houtkop Road

Or give us a call before you drive in to see us. 016 428 5525.

Enjoy your week ahead.


Video One: Braai Tips – The Weber Chimney


Video Two: D.I.Y Tips, How to make your own Charcoal Chimney

Do you have a better video on YouTube?
Have you got some other Braai related videos? Let us know, post a comment and include
a link to your YouTube video and we may just feature it 🙂


Image Shot courtesy of Photo Page of Braai Search!

Power Tools and New Garden Equipment

New Hardware & Tools Coming to Hot Pot Paint?


We are in talks at this stage with a new supplier to bring you Power Tools and a New Range of Garden Equipment into Hot Pot Paint, Vereeniging.

We would value your feedback and thoughts on this. You can contact us via this web site and tell us what you think, or you could give us a call in store 016 428 5525 and tell us your thoughts.

Our new aim is to bring you the much needed tools for the jobs you need to get done.

Power Tools:

Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi Power Tools

Screwdrivers, Grinders, Drills, Blowers, Trimmers, Lawn Mowers… What would you like to be able to purchase in-store or online with us?

We may also be able to offer some cool new gardening equipment too, such as an awesome mounted garden hose (see the video below for details) and more.

Please let us know what you think, its always valued feedback!

Top Ten Tips for Growing Herbs

Article Provided Courtesy of

Growing herbs is such a wonderful hobby – these extraordinary plants can spice up our food, beautify our garden, scent our homes, and some can even deter pests and have healing power. Want to start your own herb gardening right away? You may find the following tips helpful.

1. Sun. Almost all herbs love a sunny location, and some prefer full sun. Therefore, when choosing a home for your herbs, be it outdoors or indoors, please make sure that there will be at least six hours of good sunlight.
2. Water. Similar to most plants, herbs thrive on water, but not too much! Over-watering will lead to root decay, a “death sentence” to the herb. Having said that, please note that when growing herbs in pots it is necessary to water more regularly to compensate the loss of water from evaporation.
3. Soil. Herbs prefer light, well-drained soil for the healthy growth of their roots. For potted plants, you may want to mix two-parts of potting soil with one-part of sand, with gravels placed at the bottom of the container to ensure good drainage. For herb gardening outdoors, simply mix in some compost if you find the soil in your garden too heavy or compact.
4. Fertilizers. You may be surprised that herbs need little fertilizer. In fact, too much fertilizer will weaken the plants. For example, if basil is given too much nitrogen-heavy fertilizer, its leaves will become less flavorful… the last thing you want do do!
5. Sowing. Just a quick tip: If the herb seeds are small, you can mix in some sand to help sowing the seeds evenly.
6. Check for Pests. While the strong flavor and scent of the herbs serve as natural repellent against many insects, some herbs do succumb to particular pests, notably Dill, Fennel and Caraway to Aphids; and Mint to Rust. For any herb gardening, the best way to contain the damage is to remove all infected leaves and stems immediately.
7. Harvest Regularly. You may know that regular pruning encourages a plant’s growth. Similarly, periodic “pruning” i.e. harvesting will actually make your herbs grow stronger and healthier.
8. Replanting. Annual plants such as Basil and Cilantro cannot survive the frost. Therefore, growing herbs in pots has to be the solution during winter, but they can be replanted outside next spring.
9. Companion Plants. Check out the best friends for your favourite herbs! Did you know that certain plants help each other grow healthier? They are called companion plants. Classic examples include Garlic and Rose; and Basil and Tomato.
10. And last but not least… Plan Ahead. Growing herbs has never been easier in a well-planned herb garden: it is not only beautiful, but also functional with little maintenance. A bit of organization goes a long way. Have fun!

Megan Saurus is a dedicated herb gardener and author, and someone who is passionate about quality cooking, health and life. Besides growing herbs, she enjoys cooking, making potpourri gift bags for family and friends, and reading with her children. To learn how Megan enjoys herb gardening, please visit her website at

Article Source:

At Hot Pot, we stock a wide range of garden tools and equipment to make your life easier when planning your garden. From wheel barrows to spades, watering cans to digging forks, we can help. We now also stock the Webco range which carry a lifetime guarantee. Perfect for the avid gardener who wants the best tools for the job, and at great Hot Pot Prices Too.

Growing Tomatoes Upside Down

Article Courtesy of Ezine Articles and Annette Welsford

Growing tomatoes upside down is new, unique and it really works. It is an ideal answer for those people that do not have enough space to grow them in the ground or experience problems with pests or poor soil with few nutrients. In these conditions, growing tomatoes in pots, and especially in upside down pots is a good solution.

Growing your tomatoes upside down

Upside Down Tomatoes

All you need to grow tomatoes upside down is a large bucket with a lid and a handle, good quality potting mix and a couple of robust tomato seedlings. You’ll also need some slow release balanced NPK fertilizer and a soluble or liquid fertilizer with low Nitrogen and high phosphorous and potassium

Finally, you will need a tree, archway, or hook from the eaves or jutting out from the fence, that is strong enough to support the weight of a heavy bucket full of soil and tomatoes. The location is important too, as your tomato will need around 6 hours of sunlight in order to thrive and grow.

Once you have these elements sorted, cut or drill a hole into the bottom of each bucket. Then shake any excess dirt off the seedling’s roots and slip them into the hole from the bottom. Yes, you should keep the tomato plant on the OUTSIDE of the bucket.

When you are happy with the plant’s fit through the hole, fill the rest of the bucket with your potting mix, being careful to mix in your slow release fertilizer as you go. Hang it in it’s final position and give it a good watering. It really is that simple.

As with all tomato plants, you should make sure that you water regularly (daily in hot weather) and apply the soluble high potassium fertilizer weekly when the first flowers appear. If the plant remains healthy and receives sufficient sunlight, you will soon have a plentiful crop hanging outside your window.

Annette Welsford is a co-author of the best selling book How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes. This glossy 88 page tomato growing “bible” has sold thousands of copies to enthusiastic tomato growers in more than 62 countries. To see more articles and tips on growing tomatoes from a horticultural expert, visit

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