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Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vereeniging on YouTube

Would you believe it? Hot Pot Paint is finally getting visual online with its own new YouTube Channel. We are just in the process of getting things started, but we uploaded a short video made with an online video tool and also our intro “splash” which will be used in our future casts with Robbie on our specials, what’s happening and other Hot Pot News.



Keep tuned for our updates and please help support us online by telling us what you would like to see more of online from us. You can support us in the following ways too and help us to serve you better.

We have a Newsletter that you can sign up to (its getting a new coat of paint and will be live again from July 2013, but when you sign up now, you will start getting the content as we release it. Our newsletter will contain news about Hot Pot, but also coupons, specials and other goodies that are not available in store directly, so grab yourself a copy today and we will keep you posted on our specials and deals).

Other Ways to help support us online:

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If you own a business in the local area, get in touch, we may even share some news about your products (if they are relevant of course) on our show!

Thanks for your continued support, we would not be in business without you and we value your input always!


Hot Pot on You Tube

Hot Pot Paint now on YouTube



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Follow us on Twitter

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