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Teen Painting Ideas for the Home

Guest Post on Painting Ideas for Teenagers

As a general rule, teens want themselves to be different from the others and therefore you should have some exquisite teen bedroom painting ideas to convince them. Teens are very different from the normal kids in the sense that it is extremely difficult to please them. So, you should put serious thinking into it before you set out with your bedroom painting ideas.

There are in fact a huge variety of options available on the market, that you often find yourselves confused as to which to select. So, it is essential to narrow down your research to some bedroom ideas that will suit the taste of your teen. A bedroom is basically a person’s private room. Therefore, it becomes essential that the bedroom is a place where you can spend time when you are happy as well as sad.

It would definitely help to conduct a small research on the internet. One can find a large variety of bedroom paining ideas that people have used to color their teen’s bedroom. This will definitely throw some light on the bedroom painting that will be best for your teen. You will realize that selecting the best bedroom idea for your teen can be an interesting task. The painting idea should reflect your teen’s taste and personality.

It would be better if you sit along with your teen and plan the bedroom painting together. It would make your teen feel good that you are seeking their opinion to form a decision. Moreover, it is they who best know what their bedroom should look like. One should select a theme which will impart a sense of intimacy and serenity.

Bedroom scheme selection of boys often differs from that of girls. It is difficult to generalize the preferences of teens. Different people have different personalities and hence different liking to various painting ideas. Girls generally like to decorate their bedroom colorfully, whereas boys like to have some mural painting work done on their wall. Teen girls like to have wallpapers on their bedroom wall. They can be the posters of a landscape, film stars, pop stars, role models or anything that they like. They tend to have more liking towards fairy colors such as lavender, pink and light blue.

Basically, it is all about personalizing the room to reflect your teen’s taste and personality. It certainly pays to do a small research on various teen bedroom painting ideas before setting out to decorate your teen’s bedroom.

Article Courtesy of Ezine Articles.

Find out more useful information on

Article Source: Ezine Articles

Choosing a Paint Contractor for your next Project

Selecting a Paint Contractor



Choosing the Right Painting Contractor

When searching for the right painting contractor, these are typical questions you might like to ask or check.

a Skilled Paint Contractor will advise you with best and latest projects available for your project

They will give you an itemised quote, so you know what products and services they provide

Ask to see a portfolio and what brand of paint they use

Do they have insurance in place before they undertake your job

Have they got testimonials or reviews they can point you to, perhaps a website


At Hot Pot Paint and Hardware we can advise you on Paint Selection and we can also suggest painting contractors for certain projects that we or our customers have used in the past and given positive feedback on.

Whist we cannot directly guarantee work quality on every project, we are always seeking out good reputation contractors to pass on to our customers.

Do you know someone in the Vaal Triangle that you have used personally that you would be happy to recommend to others? Please feel free to comment here below using your Facebook account so we can share with others and spread good words of people who you feel are reputable and worth a shout out in the local area! Thank you for your input, it is most appreciated.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Its that time of year when you are likely thinking about pool time 🙂
We love the time we spend in our pools with family, friends or even for some alone time, but the things have a need for upkeep and maintenance.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips


Swimming Pool Tips for Keeping Clean and Well Maintained

Here are some articles with great tips from around the web to help you keep yours up to scratch, nice and clean and in great working order.

10 Great Pool Maintenance Tips

Cutting down the Electricity Cost

Algae Types and How to Get Rid of Them

How to Test and Adjust Your Pools PH Levels

12 Common Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Pool House
This US Based web site has some good tips and videos to watch too!
Some good advice for those getting a new Pool on the maintenance tips you should keep in mind.
If you have any great tips of your own, please comment below and let others know. Its great to share 🙂

Thanks for reading today.

Your Own Home Bar?

Have you dreamed of setting up your own home bar? Perhaps you have one already but are looking for some new ideas and inspiration?

For some, the perfect home bar consists of tech gadgets, huge TV Screens, Pool Table and Digital Juke Box. For others, its a calming relaxing get away space to entertain friends and family with a Braai or general conversation.

Whatever the purpose of your home addition, here are some web sites for you to take a look at for ideas and inspiration for your home bar design and set up.

Home Bar Designs

Here are some images from Google Search:

Some sites were checking out for ideas:

What Every Bar Should Start Off With:

And of Course, Some Cocktail Suggestions and Advice, Manhattan Anyone?

That should get you started 🙂 If you have any photos of your home bar you would be happy to share, feel free to post, or just share your comments and thoughts below.

Final Notes:

Just remember! If you need some wood stain or varnish for your home bar, or some fresh paint (and advice), then hop on down to Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Duncaville, Vereeniging where we will be more than happy to assist you. We also stock tools and sand paper too, in case you need some extras.


Jim Beam Light

Dulux Visualizer App Review

Dulux Visualizer App Review

Watch the Video Review, Click Play Below

Read the Review if you Prefer Below…

Dulux Visualizer App Written Review

We finally made it, our quick review of the Dulux Visualizer App you may have seen advertised on TV Lately.

At first glance it was a little annoying, actually requiring a second look to really get into it as it was designed to be used. The first time we took a tour, it felt like it was against you and not intuitive at all like they show you in their demo video at the beginning.

The colour pallette on launch was not all in place (certainly not on our test anyway), but the second time around all seemed well and it felt easier to navigate.

It does have a little learning curve and time to adapt to its inner working, but once you set aside some time to play, you will soon be flying around the app like a pro, searching for colours you like or know already.

In my example on the video I just searched for Red and it gave me a multitude of choice.

There is even a pop up notice to let you know that the colour on your screen may not be an exact match the real life version on your wall.

As you will see though, there is a whole spectrum of colour to walk through on screen with a swipe of the finger along the top of the screen colour selection bar.

You can then drill down to types within the range before applying and then actually testing in the app.

The actual process of colouring in your walls is not too bad to be honest. It does give you a sense of how it may actually look should you go ahead and paint. Some parts get a little pixelated, but in this case, just choose to point your camera on a smooth and uncluttered wall for maximium effect.

To be honest, I would only recommend using this app on a tablet, or certainly a larger screen smart phone as it can be a little hard with tiny buttons.

The colour ranges available are vast and we loved the option to search for a local store, like us here at Hot Pot Paint.

So to sum up, the app is what it says, a visualizer, maybe a little gimmicky to be fair, and not likely to be a mainstay tester for the long haul, but certainly some good fun has promise for the future of paint selection. Let’s hope that Dulux watches out for customer and user feedback and updates the app for future releases.

Below is the How To Guide from Dulux UK – Most of it is relevant to the South African Market, but some features are not available or as good on the local version.

What did you think of the app if you tested it yourself?

Get Rid of Unwanted Weeds in Your Garden

With the rain season upon us here in the Vaal Triangle, you may well of noticed those pesky weeds popping up in your front yard, driveway and paths around your home? There are some good weed killers on the market available at your local Hardware store (like here at Hot Pot Paint), but should you decide to go the more natural route, here are some tips that are well worth a try.

Alternative Weed Killer

1. Regular Salt

This stuff is great on food, for preserving meat and fish, but also makes a good natural weed killer too. You can dilute in water, usually 2 cups per litre for better results and then apply directly to the weeds and down in their roots. You have to be careful as this solution can kill plants that are perfectly happy in the garden, so like most weed killers, it is advisable to ensure that you direct your application to the weed only and not around garden plants and bushes.

2. White Vinegar

Standard household white vinegar is not as strong as the industrial strength you find in garden centres, so you need to use as it comes for the best results and not dilute it down. Using a spray applicator is a good idea as you can get down into the roots. It has been said that it is also more effective when applied in hot sunny weather. If it rains within 12 hours of applying, you are better off going over with a second try to get the best results.

3. Baking Soda

Once you have weeds out of the cracks in pathways etc, it is a great idea to sprinkle Baking Soda on the path and then sweep it into the cracks. This is usually effective at preventing more weed from growing, and it also deters ants too.

4. Boiling Water

This one is time consuming as it requires a constant top up and boiling of the kettle (or you could light a Gas Burner and heat a pot of water and then carefully top up something to pour from), but it is effective at killing larger weeds that have started to grow in your yard. In this case it will mean more repeated applications as it does not always kill off the entire root if its embeded well in the ground. You may need to apply some vinegar or something else afterwards in order to kill off the actual root.

If you need a stronger option, come down to see us at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging, we have stock on hand to help you, plus we have pressure sprayers in stock too if you want an easy way to distribute the stuff over your yard.

Let us know how you get on with the natural options suggested above if you give them a go, perhaps take a before and after picture and send it in to us to share with others, it would be much appreciated by all.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the garden this coming summer.

Remember to come over to our Facebook Page and say hi too 🙂 We love it when you give us a Like 🙂

How the Pro’s Paint a Room

Painting a Room in Your Home

I just got done with painting some of the house to spruce up for spring and it takes a little chunk of time out of your week if you are going to do things correctly.

How to Paint a Room

It is best to plan and if you can, remove furniture and fittings from the room to make it much simpler to decorate. If you cannot do this, then covering the furniture and special fixtures is essential if you want to avoid scraping off paint afterwards.

There are a couple of schools of thought in the prep phase. Some pro’s will tell you to go with painters tape to mask up the room for a better clean line finish, whilst others will tell you it is better to master the art of good cutting in to get that flush look. In the links below you can see a couple of great articles about the ways the pro’s do it, and watch a video from Home Depot in the US on how to paint a room.

My personal preference after several years of redecorating homes is to skip the tape and cut in with care and practice using a good quality brush.

Of course everything you need from Drop Cloths to Paint Brushes and Rollers, along with the actual paint is availa ble in store here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging. Give us a call on 016 428 5525 if you need some help and advice, and remember to think about some colour ideas before you come to store so we can help you to narrow down final choice if you need it.

Here are those links I mentioned and the video from Home Depot USA.

The School of Non Taping

The Pro who says to use Tape


Your Video Guide (which shows taping)

Tell us your personal preference for painting and even share some photos if you have them 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Rockgrip from Dulux

Looking for something a little Versatile to Paint Your Home?

Rockgrip is Specifically designed to be value for money for consumers looking for an affordable solution in today’s market. It has interior and exterior use and comes in a selection of colours and finishes to suit your needs.

Rockgrip Paint from Dulux

It boasts a compact palette range of 180 colours and is part of the Dulux Range which includes Primers, Undercoats and Speciality Paint. If you would like some further advice or help, please feel free to call us in Vereeniging on 016 428 5525 or 016 428 1113

Rockgrip also offers a General Purpose Undercoat and Plaster Primer along with Bonding Liquid and other Primers.

Rockgrip Colour Card

The image below is a snapshot from The Basic Rockgrip Colour Card that we have in store at Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging.

Rockgrip Colour Chart from Dulux

If you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, or want some simple colour choices for the inside, then be sure to ask in store about Rockgrip from Dulux if you are looking for a value for money product.

Here is a link to some Decorating Advice about Paint from Dulux too!

Kitchen Make Over Guide

Fitting a new kitchen can cost thousands, especially if you pay fitters and installers to do all the work. If you are a little handy or really want to have a go at installing a new kitchen yourself, then the video series below will be worth some time watching. It gives you some great advice and walks you through the steps you will need to take in order to do this job. The Series is by and their web site is worth a look too for other neat guides 🙂

Kitchen Make Over How to Guide

Make sure if you are planning on doing this yourself that you prepare well in advance.

Have all the tools required for each stage, the new equipment that you wish to install and some help on hand. It’s never going to be easy to remove ovens, dish washers and especially cabinets from walls by yourself.

The other thing to remember is that this is unlikely to be just a day or two job if you are doing most of the work yourself. Allow for a few days, possibly a week off in order to get the complete job finished, especially if this is the first time you are attempting it.

If after watching the videos you decide that its just too much to take on yourself and bring in the pro’s, at least you will know what to expect, what to watch for and how things should be done properly 🙂

The Kitchen Remodel Process

This is a great series of videos on upgrading your own kitchen. The first video shown below gives you some help and guidance on removing the old content first. It helps you to think about the process you will follow when removing all the older cabinets etc.

Well worth a look, the video walks you through the process and underneath you can see the link to see the other videos in the series.

Here is a link to all the videos in their series!

Part 1: Kitchen Remodel – How To Design or Remodel a New Kitchen

Part 2: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose Cabinet Doors

Part 3: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose A Door Glide System

Part 4: Kitchen Remodel – How To Choose the right wood or material for your Cabinets

Part 5: Kitchen Remodel – How to Prepare for Demolition

Part 6: Kitchen Remodel – How to remove existing cabinets   (This video is actually a repeat of the First Part so you can Skip)

Part 7: Kitchen Remodel – How to prepare walls and measure layout for cabinets

Part 8: Kitchen Remodel – How to hang kitchen cabinets and keep them level

Part 9: Kitchen Remodel – How to install and level cabinets on an uneven floor

Part 10 & 11: Kitchen Remodel – How To save time and install cabinet hardware

Hanging a New Door – Chisel or Router?

There is some debate when choosing to hang a new internal door in the home about using the old fashioned option of a hammer and chisel versus creating a template and using a router. From our experience it actually depends on personal choice but essentially it is much quicker and easier to just go with the hammer and chisel, especially if you are only going to do one door at a time around the home.

Hanging an Internal Door Correctly

Here is a link to an article that shares both options and further below you can see a link to a video that shows using a Router on YouTube.

For our personal choice, the manual way, this video below from DIY Specialist Store in the UK called B&Q shows how simple it can actually be. Just make sure you have the correct tools to begin such as Square Saw, Measure, Wood Planer, Pencil, Chisel and of course the door with hinges.

How to Hang an Internal Wood Door with a Chisel and Hammer

If you would like to see the video using a Router, then go to this YouTube Video for more…

Tell us what you think and share any personal experiences too if you like, we love getting your feedback!

Dulux Paint at Hot Pot Paint & Hardware

Dulux Paint Stockist in Vereeniging

We have been selling paint and hardware for over 17 years in the local community. A family owned business we are proudly South African and happy to be a part of the great community around us. Thank you for your support over the years.

Dulux Paint Stockist

We stock many top brands of paint, Dulux being one of them. If you need something for the roof, kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area, iron fence and more, be sure to ask in store for some advice and assistance before buying. We have experienced staff on site who know all about the harsh weather in SA and the impact it can have on your walls and roofs, not to mention the gates and fences.

We sell to trade and direct to the public, so be sure to give us a call on 016 428 1113, 016 427 5525 and let us assist you with your paint and hardware needs.

Time for a Change of Colour? What Difference Does it Make?

Colour Can Influence Your Mood


Red, Blue, Pink, White, Yellow, Black, Green…. What does the colour of your home decor say about you?

Something that is always a good idea when choosing to repaint a room in your home is to plan it over a period of time. The reasons for this can be many, but here are some basics!

* Vision and Design Board. Take a Photo of your room and then begin adding colour swatches/swipes/fabrics that you like. This will help you form a lasting opinion rather than just grabbing anything on the day.

* If you still love the design and colour scheme on your board after a week or so, chances are you will be happy with the finished result for the longer term in your home.

* Get magazines and read on the web to get ideas of what colours mean, go well together etc to help you set a base for your own design. This will help get your creative juices flowing.

* Feel free to pop in to us at Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging for some advice on colour. We are happy to help and as you can imagine see many colour combinations and designs over the years.

* When you think you are the point to paint, take home some testers and place on the wall in the room you are going to redecorate. If you are still happy with the colour after a day or two, chances are you will remain so once the full job is complete. Sometimes, seeing the actual colour on the wall can make a real impact and even sway you toward or away from an idea you had in your head, before you make the jump.

What Colour Says about Mood

For some thoughts on how colour effects our mood, here is some further reading for you!

This Old House – Choose Paint Colours to Lift Your Mood,,20386447,00.html

BBC Homes – Psychology of Colour – What Your Paint Colour Says About You!

Fox News Magazine – 10 Room Colours that Might Influence Your Emotions

Psychology Today – What Does the Colour You Choose Say About You?

Give us your feedback and thoughts, post a comment below, it is always good to hear from you 🙂 Thanks!

Bergermaster Nukote PVA 20L

20L PVA in Store and Currently just R345

Grab yours whilst stocks last!

Nukote PVA 20L

We even have a little video below for you to watch similar to the one we are showing in store right now. To secure your order, give us a call on 016 428 1113 and let us know you saw our ad on Facebook or the Web Site.

Thank you for your custom, we look forward to assisting you in store.
We are open 7:30am until 5pm Monday through Friday and until 1pm on Saturdays.

Looking for Nukote Specs?

Check out the Dulux Trade Web Site for further information


See our Video on YouTube

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. Like us on Facebook and give us feedback on this product if you have used it on your own projects previously.

Kitchen Design Inspiration

In a recent post we looked at the design aspects of putting in a new kitchen and how to consider walk flow and layouts. In this article we point you toward some great web sites for inspiration and ideas on styles and types of kitchen design you can look for.

It is a good idea to create an inspiration board at home to look at over a period of time to see which design styles sit well with you over a period of a few days, even weeks. After all, spending money on a kitchen is not cheap if you go all our for a complete overhaul and you will need to spend many hours in this room over time once it is in, so better to get it right and be happy with the skin you will be living in so to speak.

Here is a list of some cool web sites we dug up for Kitchen Inspiration…

This site has a gallery of Kitchens to look over and has some stunning examples from new age to old school, love it!

This is a good site for a quick look at 10 stunning design ideas. Most are very modern in their look and feel if you prefer this type of direction for your own Kitchen Design.

This site has some inspired kitchen designs. I particularly like the idea with the one that has the incorporated seating design. Not big on the colour scheme, but the concept of the design is pretty different.

Same web site as above, but different article, this one shares 12 very different designs from the old rustic style to the ultra modern. Good for getting your juices flowing.

Kitchen Design from around the Web

Click the Image to See a Search on Google of Kitchen Ideas around the Web (Opens a new Window)

The following web pages below share the same concept… Saving Space in your Kitchen Design.


If you have some designs you would like to share, post a comment below 🙂
If you have photos of your own Kitchen Make Over, share that too, it would be great to see some local finished results from South Africa!

Shine a Light, Inspiration for Lighting Your Home

Lighting Inspiration for the Home


Looking for some Lighting Ideas?

Lighting should be as individual as you are, reflecting your personality, even mood. Below are some ideas to get the juices flowing from other sites we found around the web. Planning your lighting is as important as the colours you choose, perhaps even more so as they are likely to stay in place longer. Think about where the natural light comes into a room first of all and work to create focal points. Then think about the room at night and how you want your lighting to be, the mood it should set and what you want to illuminate.

If you want to go with some out of the box looks, then check these ideas out:

Wood Bend Light Grater Light Jim Beam Light Hanging Rope Light Spiderman Skateboard Light Stair Lights


The image links above will take you to the original sites, but as you can see, lighting does not have to be ‘traditional’ hanging single bulb and shade, its up to you to explore your own imagination and think about what would make the illumination individual to you and your family.

If you have some wonderful lighting in your home, take a picture and upload and then send us a link in your comments below so we can take a look and share with our other readers!

Colour Design, Choosing your Palette

Colour Ideas with the Colour Wheel

What the Wheel Tells Us?

The standard guides tell us about the various ways to help when choosing colours that compliment in a room design. Typically you get the following:


This deals with a single colour and uses shades, tints tones etc to give you the variations


Using three colours adjacent to one another on the colour wheel


Colour combination of two colours opposite one another on the colour wheel for dramatic impact.


This is a scheme of three colours that are evenly spaced around a colour wheel to give quite vibrant results.

Watch our Video for some Ideas and Guidance

Please let us know what you think? Post below or write on our Facebook Page. Did you like the video series? What else would you like to know more about? We truly appreciate your feedback.


Link to other sites as promised in the Video!

Dulux, Using the Colour Wheel

Adobe Colour Wheel

Plascon Colour System Colour Palette Ideas

Dulux, What is a Neutral Colour Scheme

Dulux, Top Interior Design Tips for Choosing Paint Colours 10 Tips for Picking Paint Colours How to Choose a Colour Scheme and the Basics of Colour Coordination

Dulux, Browse our Colours

Review of Plascon Swatch IT app

Plascon Swatch IT App Review

Home Ideas for Painting

The Plascon Swatch IT app is a cool tool if you are looking for inspiration and ideas for colour in your home. Simply upload an image that inspires you from your home, trips, nature, other peoples online images, hotels you have stayed in, the sky literally is the limit.

Once uploaded the app will show you colours from the Plascon Range that come from the image you upload, a great way to inspire you to design a new room in a colour that appeals to you.

We had a play in the video below so you can see examples from nature images, as well from a hotel room and a street view, all giving you inspiration for colour ideas.

Watch the Video below, just click play!

Our verdict?

Well Done Plascon for giving us a tool to inspire and help when coming up with new ideas for our next room colour design. Well worth a look and play – Try it out here for yourself, just click!

Kitchen Design, Time for a Change?

Designing your kitchenDesigning Your Kitchen?


Some considerations when setting out a new kitchen design.

* Remember the Triangle!

Sink, Stove, Fridge. Keeping this space clear and easy to access from each point will ensure the flow of your kitchen continues as it should.

Easy to overlook, and often the cause of poor access in a kitchen, not to mention accidents. Give consideration to this as your first step and design from there.

Take a look at these other articles we found on the web to assist you further in your design swipe files.

Daily Telegraph, How to Plan  a Kitchen

Fresh Home – Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Let us know what you think, and if you have any images of a home kitchen make over you have done recently, then send us a link by commenting via our Facebook Page Kitchen Post! We would love to hear your feedback.


Inspiration for Redecorating Your Home – Video 1

Watch our YouTube Video to get some ideas for Painting a Room in your Home

Colour Ideas when Painting a Room

Click Play To Watch – Or Open up in a larger screen on YouTube!

Sites Mentioned in the Video Series for further help!

Dulux, Using the Colour Wheel

Adobe Colour Wheel

Plascon Colour System Colour Palette Ideas

Dulux, What is a Neutral Colour Scheme

Dulux, Top Interior Design Tips for Choosing Paint Colours 10 Tips for Picking Paint Colours How to Choose a Colour Scheme and the Basics of Colour Coordination

Dulux, Browse our Colours


Please comment below to let us know what you think of the video and anything else you would like us to make content about with video! Thank You 🙂

Plascon Colour Inspiration

Looking for help and advice on choosing colour or ideas for your next DIY Project?

Wonderful Plascon Content

With a range of web sites to assist you, Plascon has their main site

Then there is the trends site, this is something not to be missed with awesome content and advice.

For the periodical magazine they produce, you can check out Plascon Spaces, which features some wonderful content too!

Watch the Plascon Video below for more information:

Micatex Colour Chart

IMPORTANT – Newer Version of this Post – Click Here

Plascon, Micatex Colour Chart

If you are looking for something with a fine texture for great weatherproofing, then be sure to give MICATEX a try.

Fantastic for decorating exterior walls, it contains a unique weather block formulation improving water resistance.

Ideal Uses:

Suitable for application to suitably primed cement plaster, concrete, brickwork, fibre-cement, breeze blocks, PVC gutters and down pipes


To Weatherproof and protext exterior surfaces.
It’s UV Resistant, protects exterior surfaces, improves water resistance, hides minor irregularities, is easy to apply and comes with a 12 year guarantee. (On their Data Sheet it Says 7, but the site now states 12).

The wonderful thing about this paint is that it is touch dry in 30 minutes at 23 degrees and dry to handle or overcoat within an hour.

Ready to go, needs no thinning and available in these great colours below.

Micatex Colour Card
To see more and read the recommended prep guidelines, then be sure to check out the Plascon Datasheet Page for Micatex here.

Seal it, Fix it or Fill it

Soudal Products at Hot Pot Paint


Soudal Gets the Job Done

With a great range of products for the DIY enthusiast and contractor in store at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware, you can be sure of finding the right product for your needs.

From Expanding Foam to Paintable Sealant and Polystyrene Adhesive to Universal Silicone, we stock it.

The all New Soudal Gap Filling Expanding Foam has an easy to use Genius Gun already attached to the product. If you are need of a gun to use for traditional sealant and fillers, we stock those as well.

If you need a Sealant that is paintable, then look no further than the Soudal Acrylic.

It can be used on Concrete, Stone, Timber and Plaster and you can paint over the product once dry. Suitable for most porous surfaces and great for indoor use. It should not be used on products like Glass, Marble, Bitumen and Metals.

If you need something to attach Polystyrene wall and ceiling tiles or even the floor, then Soudal Polystyrene Adhesive is solvent free and works great at a professional quality. Suitable for porous surfaces such as plaster, stone, concrete, timber and chipboard.

Looking to bond something with a strong adhesive? Check out the Pro Nail and Fix ALL products in the Soudal Range.

For your next DIY project, pop into Hot Pot Paint and pick up the product for you.


Need to Lock it up and Secure it?

Fort Knox Locks


Secure Your Property with Fort Know Locks

If you are planning a trip and need a padlock for your suitcase, don’t leave it until
the airport and pay well over the odds. Grab a bargain here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware.

We carry a large range of padlocks and other types of lock for use around the home from the garden gate to a more secure and strong requirement. The Fort Knox range is a well known brand from Eureka company and we hold a huge selection for you to choose from.

From the waterproof range to securing your local shop, check out the range from Fort Knox. Below is one of their ads from 2014 🙂

And here is another video showing a litle more from the range available at Hot Pot.

Lock it up at Hot Pot Paint

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