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Your Own Home Bar?

Have you dreamed of setting up your own home bar? Perhaps you have one already but are looking for some new ideas and inspiration?

For some, the perfect home bar consists of tech gadgets, huge TV Screens, Pool Table and Digital Juke Box. For others, its a calming relaxing get away space to entertain friends and family with a Braai or general conversation.

Whatever the purpose of your home addition, here are some web sites for you to take a look at for ideas and inspiration for your home bar design and set up.

Home Bar Designs

Here are some images from Google Search:

Some sites were checking out for ideas:

What Every Bar Should Start Off With:

And of Course, Some Cocktail Suggestions and Advice, Manhattan Anyone?

That should get you started 🙂 If you have any photos of your home bar you would be happy to share, feel free to post, or just share your comments and thoughts below.

Final Notes:

Just remember! If you need some wood stain or varnish for your home bar, or some fresh paint (and advice), then hop on down to Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Duncaville, Vereeniging where we will be more than happy to assist you. We also stock tools and sand paper too, in case you need some extras.


Jim Beam Light

Raised Garden Bed DIY

Benefits of Having a Raised Garden Bed

Having a raised garden bed has many advantages. The obvious one is that you do not have to scratch around on ground level and can be seated comfortably, or even standing if you prefer to make them even higher.

Raised Garden Bed

Video Courtesy of WoodLogger on YouTube Channel

The soil that you put in can be controlled by you as well for quality additions, and watering is more controlled, plus the soil tends to warm faster once the sun rises due to the elevated position. This can be beneficial and even help to speed up growth a little in some situations.

Having the raised grow beds also allows easy management of your crop and can be protected more easily to avoid animals getting at your produce.

You can build your beds from Wood, Cement, Stone, brick etc, but just be sure to check that its not treated in a way that may leech out chemicals into your soil over time. You can also place weed cloth on the base of your area to reduce weed penetration as well.

Just remember, the higher you build, the more material you will need in the first place to build your raised garden beds which increases your cost. Plus you will need more soil and compost to fill them up. Keep beds at a reasonable length as having extended long beds can become annoying to walk around and tend each side. It is better as a guide to keep the width to around 4 Feet if you have access both sides, or 2.5 to 3 feet if only going from the one side to tend to the garden.

Just search on the web for many great ideas for different stlyes and shapes, and to get you started we have a neat video below showing just how simple it can be.

If you build one, send us in a picture to, we would be happy to share your efforts with our readers to show off your skills 🙂

We stock power tools, nails, screws and more down at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware. Plus we have Garden tools and range to choose from. Pop in store to take a look, and remember, if we do not carry on the shop floor, it is more than likely that we can order it in for you and delivery is not usually long from our suppliers.


Dulux Paint at Hot Pot Paint & Hardware

Dulux Paint Stockist in Vereeniging

We have been selling paint and hardware for over 17 years in the local community. A family owned business we are proudly South African and happy to be a part of the great community around us. Thank you for your support over the years.

Dulux Paint Stockist

We stock many top brands of paint, Dulux being one of them. If you need something for the roof, kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area, iron fence and more, be sure to ask in store for some advice and assistance before buying. We have experienced staff on site who know all about the harsh weather in SA and the impact it can have on your walls and roofs, not to mention the gates and fences.

We sell to trade and direct to the public, so be sure to give us a call on 016 428 1113, 016 427 5525 and let us assist you with your paint and hardware needs.

Kitchen Design Inspiration

In a recent post we looked at the design aspects of putting in a new kitchen and how to consider walk flow and layouts. In this article we point you toward some great web sites for inspiration and ideas on styles and types of kitchen design you can look for.

It is a good idea to create an inspiration board at home to look at over a period of time to see which design styles sit well with you over a period of a few days, even weeks. After all, spending money on a kitchen is not cheap if you go all our for a complete overhaul and you will need to spend many hours in this room over time once it is in, so better to get it right and be happy with the skin you will be living in so to speak.

Here is a list of some cool web sites we dug up for Kitchen Inspiration…

This site has a gallery of Kitchens to look over and has some stunning examples from new age to old school, love it!

This is a good site for a quick look at 10 stunning design ideas. Most are very modern in their look and feel if you prefer this type of direction for your own Kitchen Design.

This site has some inspired kitchen designs. I particularly like the idea with the one that has the incorporated seating design. Not big on the colour scheme, but the concept of the design is pretty different.

Same web site as above, but different article, this one shares 12 very different designs from the old rustic style to the ultra modern. Good for getting your juices flowing.

Kitchen Design from around the Web

Click the Image to See a Search on Google of Kitchen Ideas around the Web (Opens a new Window)

The following web pages below share the same concept… Saving Space in your Kitchen Design.


If you have some designs you would like to share, post a comment below 🙂
If you have photos of your own Kitchen Make Over, share that too, it would be great to see some local finished results from South Africa!

Kitchen Design, Time for a Change?

Designing your kitchenDesigning Your Kitchen?


Some considerations when setting out a new kitchen design.

* Remember the Triangle!

Sink, Stove, Fridge. Keeping this space clear and easy to access from each point will ensure the flow of your kitchen continues as it should.

Easy to overlook, and often the cause of poor access in a kitchen, not to mention accidents. Give consideration to this as your first step and design from there.

Take a look at these other articles we found on the web to assist you further in your design swipe files.

Daily Telegraph, How to Plan  a Kitchen

Fresh Home – Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Let us know what you think, and if you have any images of a home kitchen make over you have done recently, then send us a link by commenting via our Facebook Page Kitchen Post! We would love to hear your feedback.


Seal it, Fix it or Fill it

Soudal Products at Hot Pot Paint


Soudal Gets the Job Done

With a great range of products for the DIY enthusiast and contractor in store at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware, you can be sure of finding the right product for your needs.

From Expanding Foam to Paintable Sealant and Polystyrene Adhesive to Universal Silicone, we stock it.

The all New Soudal Gap Filling Expanding Foam has an easy to use Genius Gun already attached to the product. If you are need of a gun to use for traditional sealant and fillers, we stock those as well.

If you need a Sealant that is paintable, then look no further than the Soudal Acrylic.

It can be used on Concrete, Stone, Timber and Plaster and you can paint over the product once dry. Suitable for most porous surfaces and great for indoor use. It should not be used on products like Glass, Marble, Bitumen and Metals.

If you need something to attach Polystyrene wall and ceiling tiles or even the floor, then Soudal Polystyrene Adhesive is solvent free and works great at a professional quality. Suitable for porous surfaces such as plaster, stone, concrete, timber and chipboard.

Looking to bond something with a strong adhesive? Check out the Pro Nail and Fix ALL products in the Soudal Range.

For your next DIY project, pop into Hot Pot Paint and pick up the product for you.


Treat Your Wood Good!

Woodoc Wood Treatment

Do You Need a Good Wood Treatment for your Home?

Looking for a modern matt finish to enhance the grain and colour of your wood? Need something for the floor which is very hard wearing and is a great floor sealer?

Woodoc 25 (Matt) would be a great choice for your application, but no matter what wood treatment you need, then make us of the Woodoc Wizard available on their web site or drop in store at Hot Pot Paint and ask for some assistance.

We have a great selection of wood treatment products including a large choice from the Woodoc Range. If you need a brush we can help you with that too, making sure you have the right choices for the job.

Remember that Woodoc 25 is designed for indoor use only, so if you need something for the outdoors, then be sure to get some assistance in store. This Wood Sealer works well on wooden floors and stairs and is easy to apply. It Penetrates the wood and bonds with it to form a tough, but flexible surface finish.

Other features mentioned on the Woodoc Site for Woodoc 25(Matt) are as follows:

 Nourishes the wood and enhances the grain
Durable and withstands everyday household use
Water and Alcohol resistant
Scratch and Mark resistant
Non-toxic when dry.

A great choice for the indoors, Woodoc 25 (Matt) gives you a wonderful finish and is great value too. See in store for more information or give us a call on 016 428 5525, we are here to help you.

If you want to use the Woodoc Wizard to select the right product for you, then check out their web site here:
Woodoc Wizard


Wood treatment in the Vaal triangle

DIY Cement Lamps

Thank you to Homemade Modern YouTube Channel for this Cool Idea!

DIY Cement Lamps

This is a simple yet effective and neat way to use cement and bring something a little different to your home.
All you need is some plastic bottles, some cement and a few items of tools and hardware.

Follow along with this video to see how you can be lighting up your life with a little uniqueness and design!


Do you use Solar Energy?

What items in your home are using the most electricity?

Solar Power Geysers

According to an article on homemakersonline the top use goes to your geyser!
Energy Use is South Africa

Did you know that its more energy efficient to use a kettle to heat water for cooking than a pan on the stove? Did you also know that in many homes, lighting accounts for 17-20% of energy consumption?

The South African government and Eskom are making drives to encourage Solar Heating in homes to help take the load off the ever burdened grid. With ever increasing prices, people are also keen to find alternatives to grid power in their homes.

Above video is from eTV back in 2013.

This young boy below enjoys tinkering with designs to get energy efficient water to his home.


Have you installed Solar Power in your home? Perhaps a Solar Geyser?

Let us know how that is working out for you so far. Do you feel its saving you money and improving your own efficiency?

MDF or Plywood

MDF or Plywood

Plywood Or MDF (what Are They And Which Is Better To Use)?

Deciding to use plywood or MDF for certain jobs seems like a tough choice, but it really isn’t if you stop to think about the strengths and weaknesses of each. Lets have a look at them so you can decide which one you might prefer to use.


One benefit to using MDF is that you won’t spend as much money on it as you would plywood. The downside is that it tends to not be as hard and it has the tendency to sag when a lot of weight is put on it.

MDF really isn’t designed to deal with moisture very good. This means that where you use it will be limited. It works best indoors.

MDF has a finish that’s very smooth. This means that it can be painted and it also means its good for shaping or routing.

Plywood is much harder than MDF, which means it won’t be nearly as easy to damage.

With plywood severe cold doesn’t cause any problems that might impact the dimensions or the strength.

Plywood has cross graining,, which means that it doesn’t have the tendency to split when it’s nailed at the edges.

Plywood does tend to be a bit more poruous then MDF, which means that over time it can be damaged if constantly esposed to water.
So which one is better in the long run? I would say that so much of this is going to come down to what you plan to use it for. Plywood might work best in one situation, but might pose problems in another. MDF might be good for certain projects, but not be good for others. Depending on the complexity of the job you’re doing you might want to consult with a professional first for some advice just to be sure you make the right choice.

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Habitat Bricks in Vereeniging

If you need bricks for your projects either home DIY or for a large contract, then Habitat Bricks will surely be able to assist you. As part of the new upcoming Robbie’s Hot Spot Video series on YouTube, Robbie interviews Habitat Marketing Owner Paul McIntyre.



Some information from the Video:


Habitat Marketing Inteview

Paul McIntrye
Owner of Habitat Marketing

Interviewed by Robbie Reid, Marketing Director of Hot Pot Paint and Hardware, Vereeniging. Habitat supply building materials, specifically Cement and Clay Bricks.

Established in 2002, Paul started marketing for his Father’s company, then in September 2011, Paul started Habitat Marketing which has the Brick division and also a transport company.

Habitat Marketing also supplies Sand, Stone, Roof Tiles, Slabs and more. They moved Premises to cater more directly to their target market as their previous location was great, but did not
see the correct client type coming in through the door.

Now based at Hot Pot Paint in Duncanville, Vereeniging they can assist the DIY enthusiast and the contractors who need bricks and other materials directly from the Hot Pot shop floor. Habitat Marketing is able to supply anything from 100 to 1 million bricks. No job is too big or small with the option to call upon a fleet of 40 or so trucks when needed. Their factories are able to manufacture up to 4 million bricks per day if and when required.

You can contact Paul at his landline, 016 427 7053, or via their web site If you need to reach paul via his cell, he can be contacted on his personal cell phone number, 082 771 8569.

Remember to mention this web site when you call so Paul knows how you found him 🙂

Look out for more from Robbie with the start of ‘Robbies Hot Spot’ coming soon to Hot Pot Paint
web site.

Bricks Build Business

We promised more from our office build going on at the back of our store, and the video is below for you to catch as part of our new You Tube Channel of content.

Habitat Marketing, our supplier for clay and cement bricks is moving from its Three Rivers Retail Store to in-house at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging. They will occupy half of the new office space we are creating at the back of our store, the other side will be the new home for Robbie Reid who recently returned to Hot Pot after a break up in Pretoria 😉


Hot Pot Paint new offices in Vereeniging store.

Building the new Offices at Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging

Look out for Robbie’s new video shorts that will be appearing on YouTube soon (once we can pin him down long enough to begin recording them that is)!

If you need new brickwork, having a new build done or maybe you are contractor who needs a good ongoing supply of quality clay or cement bricks? Then please drop into our store and ask to speak with someone who can offer specialist knowledge, advice and support on your next project.

Thanks for watching, please remember to follow us to on Facebook, we would love to hear your feedback on our site and YouTube channel as well as the service you get from our store. Have an awesome day!


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