Protect your Palisade Fencing and Gates with Anti Corrosive Paint from Renov

Anti Corrosive Paint from Renov

Renov Anti Corrosive Paint for Palisade Fencing and much more

We have a new paint range here at Hot Pot Paint in Vereeniging for protecting those metal areas of the home such as your gates, palisade fencing and the like.

With Phosphoric Acid and Zinc Phosphate this anti corrosive paint works great for many applications such as:

  • As a base coat and/ or final coat on rusted surfaces (rust does not have to removed).
  • The paint of corrugated iron roofs, gutters, self feeders, implements, household appliances, fertilizer containers, zinc and cement dams, asbestos and cement surfaces for example floors, verandahs paving and dip tanks.
  • As water proofing on roofs and gutters that leak.
  • As base coat on wood surfaces.

Pure Acrylic is used as the main binding agent and provides water resistant traits to the paint. The fungicide prevents fungi penetrating the metal and the included Teflon and Silicon protects against UV rays, making this a very versatile and suitable paint for the outdoors.

Renov Anti Corrosive Paint

The paint is both a primer and top coat so you can use two coats to get the job done with the colour range that is available. Call us on 016 428 1113 for further details or a quote and current pricing. We stock 5 and 20L sizes in store.

Drying Time = 6/8 Hours

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