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Dulux Visualizer App Review

Dulux Visualizer App Review

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Dulux Visualizer App Written Review

We finally made it, our quick review of the Dulux Visualizer App you may have seen advertised on TV Lately.

At first glance it was a little annoying, actually requiring a second look to really get into it as it was designed to be used. The first time we took a tour, it felt like it was against you and not intuitive at all like they show you in their demo video at the beginning.

The colour pallette on launch was not all in place (certainly not on our test anyway), but the second time around all seemed well and it felt easier to navigate.

It does have a little learning curve and time to adapt to its inner working, but once you set aside some time to play, you will soon be flying around the app like a pro, searching for colours you like or know already.

In my example on the video I just searched for Red and it gave me a multitude of choice.

There is even a pop up notice to let you know that the colour on your screen may not be an exact match the real life version on your wall.

As you will see though, there is a whole spectrum of colour to walk through on screen with a swipe of the finger along the top of the screen colour selection bar.

You can then drill down to types within the range before applying and then actually testing in the app.

The actual process of colouring in your walls is not too bad to be honest. It does give you a sense of how it may actually look should you go ahead and paint. Some parts get a little pixelated, but in this case, just choose to point your camera on a smooth and uncluttered wall for maximium effect.

To be honest, I would only recommend using this app on a tablet, or certainly a larger screen smart phone as it can be a little hard with tiny buttons.

The colour ranges available are vast and we loved the option to search for a local store, like us here at Hot Pot Paint.

So to sum up, the app is what it says, a visualizer, maybe a little gimmicky to be fair, and not likely to be a mainstay tester for the long haul, but certainly some good fun has promise for the future of paint selection. Let’s hope that Dulux watches out for customer and user feedback and updates the app for future releases.

Below is the How To Guide from Dulux UK – Most of it is relevant to the South African Market, but some features are not available or as good on the local version.

What did you think of the app if you tested it yourself?

Get Rid of Unwanted Weeds in Your Garden

With the rain season upon us here in the Vaal Triangle, you may well of noticed those pesky weeds popping up in your front yard, driveway and paths around your home? There are some good weed killers on the market available at your local Hardware store (like here at Hot Pot Paint), but should you decide to go the more natural route, here are some tips that are well worth a try.

Alternative Weed Killer

1. Regular Salt

This stuff is great on food, for preserving meat and fish, but also makes a good natural weed killer too. You can dilute in water, usually 2 cups per litre for better results and then apply directly to the weeds and down in their roots. You have to be careful as this solution can kill plants that are perfectly happy in the garden, so like most weed killers, it is advisable to ensure that you direct your application to the weed only and not around garden plants and bushes.

2. White Vinegar

Standard household white vinegar is not as strong as the industrial strength you find in garden centres, so you need to use as it comes for the best results and not dilute it down. Using a spray applicator is a good idea as you can get down into the roots. It has been said that it is also more effective when applied in hot sunny weather. If it rains within 12 hours of applying, you are better off going over with a second try to get the best results.

3. Baking Soda

Once you have weeds out of the cracks in pathways etc, it is a great idea to sprinkle Baking Soda on the path and then sweep it into the cracks. This is usually effective at preventing more weed from growing, and it also deters ants too.

4. Boiling Water

This one is time consuming as it requires a constant top up and boiling of the kettle (or you could light a Gas Burner and heat a pot of water and then carefully top up something to pour from), but it is effective at killing larger weeds that have started to grow in your yard. In this case it will mean more repeated applications as it does not always kill off the entire root if its embeded well in the ground. You may need to apply some vinegar or something else afterwards in order to kill off the actual root.

If you need a stronger option, come down to see us at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging, we have stock on hand to help you, plus we have pressure sprayers in stock too if you want an easy way to distribute the stuff over your yard.

Let us know how you get on with the natural options suggested above if you give them a go, perhaps take a before and after picture and send it in to us to share with others, it would be much appreciated by all.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the garden this coming summer.

Remember to come over to our Facebook Page and say hi too 🙂 We love it when you give us a Like 🙂

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