Hanging an Internal Door Correctly

Hanging a New Door – Chisel or Router?

There is some debate when choosing to hang a new internal door in the home about using the old fashioned option of a hammer and chisel versus creating a template and using a router. From our experience it actually depends on personal choice but essentially it is much quicker and easier to just go with the hammer and chisel, especially if you are only going to do one door at a time around the home.

Hanging an Internal Door Correctly

Here is a link to an article that shares both options and further below you can see a link to a video that shows using a Router on YouTube.


For our personal choice, the manual way, this video below from DIY Specialist Store in the UK called B&Q shows how simple it can actually be. Just make sure you have the correct tools to begin such as Square Saw, Measure, Wood Planer, Pencil, Chisel and of course the door with hinges.

How to Hang an Internal Wood Door with a Chisel and Hammer

If you would like to see the video using a Router, then go to this YouTube Video for more…

Tell us what you think and share any personal experiences too if you like, we love getting your feedback!

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