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Choosing a Backsplash to go with Concrete Counter Tops.

Choosing Kitchen Countertops is harder these days. It seems that there are endless choices to consider from Wood to Marble, Stainless Steel to Concrete. But once the dust has settled and you are all excited about the choice you made, what about those splashback areas?

Are you going to opt for traditional plain paint or tiles? Well now there are more choices to consider and in this article on Houzz, you can learn about pairing with Concrete Counter tops and what works well in this selection.

Worth a read, more to inspire you, read on here at

(Image used courtesy of Houzz to reference the article on their site)

Backsplashes that work with concrete counter tops

Shine a Light, Inspiration for Lighting Your Home

Lighting Inspiration for the Home


Looking for some Lighting Ideas?

Lighting should be as individual as you are, reflecting your personality, even mood. Below are some ideas to get the juices flowing from other sites we found around the web. Planning your lighting is as important as the colours you choose, perhaps even more so as they are likely to stay in place longer. Think about where the natural light comes into a room first of all and work to create focal points. Then think about the room at night and how you want your lighting to be, the mood it should set and what you want to illuminate.

If you want to go with some out of the box looks, then check these ideas out:

Wood Bend Light Grater Light Jim Beam Light Hanging Rope Light Spiderman Skateboard Light Stair Lights


The image links above will take you to the original sites, but as you can see, lighting does not have to be ‘traditional’ hanging single bulb and shade, its up to you to explore your own imagination and think about what would make the illumination individual to you and your family.

If you have some wonderful lighting in your home, take a picture and upload and then send us a link in your comments below so we can take a look and share with our other readers!

Colour Design, Choosing your Palette

Colour Ideas with the Colour Wheel

What the Wheel Tells Us?

The standard guides tell us about the various ways to help when choosing colours that compliment in a room design. Typically you get the following:


This deals with a single colour and uses shades, tints tones etc to give you the variations


Using three colours adjacent to one another on the colour wheel


Colour combination of two colours opposite one another on the colour wheel for dramatic impact.


This is a scheme of three colours that are evenly spaced around a colour wheel to give quite vibrant results.

Watch our Video for some Ideas and Guidance

Please let us know what you think? Post below or write on our Facebook Page. Did you like the video series? What else would you like to know more about? We truly appreciate your feedback.


Link to other sites as promised in the Video!

Dulux, Using the Colour Wheel

Adobe Colour Wheel

Plascon Colour System Colour Palette Ideas

Dulux, What is a Neutral Colour Scheme

Dulux, Top Interior Design Tips for Choosing Paint Colours 10 Tips for Picking Paint Colours How to Choose a Colour Scheme and the Basics of Colour Coordination

Dulux, Browse our Colours

Review of Plascon Swatch IT app

Plascon Swatch IT App Review

Home Ideas for Painting

The Plascon Swatch IT app is a cool tool if you are looking for inspiration and ideas for colour in your home. Simply upload an image that inspires you from your home, trips, nature, other peoples online images, hotels you have stayed in, the sky literally is the limit.

Once uploaded the app will show you colours from the Plascon Range that come from the image you upload, a great way to inspire you to design a new room in a colour that appeals to you.

We had a play in the video below so you can see examples from nature images, as well from a hotel room and a street view, all giving you inspiration for colour ideas.

Watch the Video below, just click play!

Our verdict?

Well Done Plascon for giving us a tool to inspire and help when coming up with new ideas for our next room colour design. Well worth a look and play – Try it out here for yourself, just click!

Kitchen Design, Time for a Change?

Designing your kitchenDesigning Your Kitchen?


Some considerations when setting out a new kitchen design.

* Remember the Triangle!

Sink, Stove, Fridge. Keeping this space clear and easy to access from each point will ensure the flow of your kitchen continues as it should.

Easy to overlook, and often the cause of poor access in a kitchen, not to mention accidents. Give consideration to this as your first step and design from there.

Take a look at these other articles we found on the web to assist you further in your design swipe files.

Daily Telegraph, How to Plan  a Kitchen

Fresh Home – Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Let us know what you think, and if you have any images of a home kitchen make over you have done recently, then send us a link by commenting via our Facebook Page Kitchen Post! We would love to hear your feedback.


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