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Concrete Furniture Trends

Concrete Furniture

DIY Concrete Furniture

Why not take some inspiration from the web and start a new project (or hire a contractor) to make some wonderful concrete furniture for your outdoor space? There are some wonderful examples around the web of beautiful looking furniture pieces made from concrete. Even our retail space at the Hot Pot Paint and Hardware store here in Vereeniging is cured concrete, and we have had lots of great comments about it over the years since we opened our extended building.

Take a look below at the Concrete Coffee Table Project from YouTube, and just search out more by typing “concrete furniture” into a YouTube search.

Concrete is Making its Play in the Home Furnishing World

If you shop around and look online you will find some amazing examples of great looking furniture made from Concrete. We stock supplies here at Hot Pot too, so be sure to drop by to get some along with floats and other tools you may need for your own DIY Projects.

Outdoor Concrete Furniture

Images are from, and the link to see more of their great content is here! Go take a look 🙂

If you would like some more inspiration from videos, then check out this link to see more examples of DIY Concrete furniture ideas to do as a home DIY Project.

We think that concrete gets a bad rap sometimes, as it can really look impressive and give you something solid to last for years to come, yet still be practical as a furniture piece. Next time you want to do something different, be sure to check out concrete furniture ideas.

Seal it, Fix it or Fill it

Soudal Products at Hot Pot Paint


Soudal Gets the Job Done

With a great range of products for the DIY enthusiast and contractor in store at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware, you can be sure of finding the right product for your needs.

From Expanding Foam to Paintable Sealant and Polystyrene Adhesive to Universal Silicone, we stock it.

The all New Soudal Gap Filling Expanding Foam has an easy to use Genius Gun already attached to the product. If you are need of a gun to use for traditional sealant and fillers, we stock those as well.

If you need a Sealant that is paintable, then look no further than the Soudal Acrylic.

It can be used on Concrete, Stone, Timber and Plaster and you can paint over the product once dry. Suitable for most porous surfaces and great for indoor use. It should not be used on products like Glass, Marble, Bitumen and Metals.

If you need something to attach Polystyrene wall and ceiling tiles or even the floor, then Soudal Polystyrene Adhesive is solvent free and works great at a professional quality. Suitable for porous surfaces such as plaster, stone, concrete, timber and chipboard.

Looking to bond something with a strong adhesive? Check out the Pro Nail and Fix ALL products in the Soudal Range.

For your next DIY project, pop into Hot Pot Paint and pick up the product for you.


Colours of the World Available in Your Home Today

Dulux Colours of the World Promotion Offer Inspirational Colour Palettes.

Colours of the World by Dulux

Make yourself at home around the globe with Dulux Colours of the World™ Promotion.

Argentina, Kenya, Provence, Scandinavia and Japan all feature in the Dulux Colours of the Wold™ palettes. Taken from inspirational and beautiful places, you can create the style you dream of in your own home.

Each unique pattern colour come in 5 shades named:


The product is a Low Sheen Washable Finish, low in odour for application and easy to apply with a brush, roller and even spray. Coverage is around 8-10 sqm per litre per coat. Taking only 60 minutes to dry and recoat application within 4 hours this is simply a wonderful product. It is easy to clean too with just water.

This interior paint is great for the home and truly transforms the look of any room. Check it out at our store, Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Duncanville, Vereeniging or ask a staff member for more details. We will be happy to assist you.

You can see more on the Dulux Web Site if you Prefer!


Need to Lock it up and Secure it?

Fort Knox Locks


Secure Your Property with Fort Know Locks

If you are planning a trip and need a padlock for your suitcase, don’t leave it until
the airport and pay well over the odds. Grab a bargain here at Hot Pot Paint and Hardware.

We carry a large range of padlocks and other types of lock for use around the home from the garden gate to a more secure and strong requirement. The Fort Knox range is a well known brand from Eureka company and we hold a huge selection for you to choose from.

From the waterproof range to securing your local shop, check out the range from Fort Knox. Below is one of their ads from 2014 🙂

And here is another video showing a litle more from the range available at Hot Pot.

Lock it up at Hot Pot Paint

Treat Your Wood Good!

Woodoc Wood Treatment

Do You Need a Good Wood Treatment for your Home?

Looking for a modern matt finish to enhance the grain and colour of your wood? Need something for the floor which is very hard wearing and is a great floor sealer?

Woodoc 25 (Matt) would be a great choice for your application, but no matter what wood treatment you need, then make us of the Woodoc Wizard available on their web site or drop in store at Hot Pot Paint and ask for some assistance.

We have a great selection of wood treatment products including a large choice from the Woodoc Range. If you need a brush we can help you with that too, making sure you have the right choices for the job.

Remember that Woodoc 25 is designed for indoor use only, so if you need something for the outdoors, then be sure to get some assistance in store. This Wood Sealer works well on wooden floors and stairs and is easy to apply. It Penetrates the wood and bonds with it to form a tough, but flexible surface finish.

Other features mentioned on the Woodoc Site for Woodoc 25(Matt) are as follows:

 Nourishes the wood and enhances the grain
Durable and withstands everyday household use
Water and Alcohol resistant
Scratch and Mark resistant
Non-toxic when dry.

A great choice for the indoors, Woodoc 25 (Matt) gives you a wonderful finish and is great value too. See in store for more information or give us a call on 016 428 5525, we are here to help you.

If you want to use the Woodoc Wizard to select the right product for you, then check out their web site here:
Woodoc Wizard


Wood treatment in the Vaal triangle

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