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Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vereeniging on YouTube

Would you believe it? Hot Pot Paint is finally getting visual online with its own new YouTube Channel. We are just in the process of getting things started, but we uploaded a short video made with an online video tool and also our intro “splash” which will be used in our future casts with Robbie on our specials, what’s happening and other Hot Pot News.



Keep tuned for our updates and please help support us online by telling us what you would like to see more of online from us. You can support us in the following ways too and help us to serve you better.

We have a Newsletter that you can sign up to (its getting a new coat of paint and will be live again from July 2013, but when you sign up now, you will start getting the content as we release it. Our newsletter will contain news about Hot Pot, but also coupons, specials and other goodies that are not available in store directly, so grab yourself a copy today and we will keep you posted on our specials and deals).

Other Ways to help support us online:

Facebook – Please like us on Facebook and share our account with friends. Also keep in touch with us on there too, let us know how we are doing.

Twitter – We have a Twitter News Feed so you can even follow up on there for short news snippets if you like

YouTube – Our new Channel. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you can watch all our episodes as we release them.

If you own a business in the local area, get in touch, we may even share some news about your products (if they are relevant of course) on our show!

Thanks for your continued support, we would not be in business without you and we value your input always!


Hot Pot on You Tube

Hot Pot Paint now on YouTube



A 30 Second Thank You

Just a short 30 second video to say thank you to all your support from the BNI Members to the Local Charity, Wide Horizon Hospice, and you our customers and friends who have so kindly supported Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging these past Sixteen Years.

We hope to repeat our charity day again in the future and look forward to our continued work alongside our fellow colleagues at BNI Vereeniging Chapter Anabolic!



If you need help with a project, some advice over coffee in our coffee shop perhaps, then please feel to pop into Hot Pot Paint and Hardware on the Houtkop Road, Duncanville, Vereeniging or call us on 016 428 5525, please tell us that you found us through our web site too 🙂

Cement and Clay Bricks

Cement and Clay Bricks, even Pavers now available at Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging


Building Bricks
If you need to do something small or even something big, Hot Pot Paint and Hardware Vereeniging is the right place to come for the materials you need. From Cement to Bricks and more, we have it now in store.

Habitat Marketing is now in the process of locating their offices inside Hot Pot Paint and Hardware in Vereeniging. You can see more content over the coming weeks of the office construction going on in our Vereeniging Store.

Hot Pot Paint Vereeniging, Now Stocking Bricks

Bricks for all Your Needs Now in Store

They are great brick specialists. Cement, Clay, even paving bricks. You can access the whole range inside Hot Pot Paint.

Cement Bricks:

  • Stock Bricks
  • Maxi Bricks
  • Mini Maxi
  • Diamond Maxi
  • Inners or Mini Maxi
  • MB 140 Block

Paving Bricks including:

  • Bevels
  • Bevel Cobbels
  • Inter Lockers 60 mm
  • Inter Lockers 80 mm

You need Clay Building Products? Habitat distributes a wide range of clay building products which have:

Comprehensive Strength

Water Absorbtion

Moisture Expansion

Efflorescence rating

Exposure Zone Suitability

They are quality tested to ensure you get the best product for the job.

Come in to Hot Pot, ask to speak to Paul and let us help you on your next building project from a D.I.Y wall, to a large contract with huge supply demands we can help you.



Power Tools on Sale at Hot Pot

We introduced a new Ryobi Range of Power Tools back at the beginning of 2013 and its proven to be a popular choice so far with our customers. If you are looking to do a spot of D.I.Y and need some power help, then drop in store and check out the Ryobi range that we now stock.

From Impact Drills to Power Screw Drivers and Sanders, we have quite a large selection for you to choose from.

Ryobi Power Tools

Ryobi Tools at Hot Pot


If you like other brands, then why not tell us about them and why you love them so much 🙂 If we end up stocking your preferred brand at a later date, you may win a free power tool on us! So feel free to make your suggestions below. Please give details and remember to include your email to your post (not in the comment, just on the form) so we can get back to you if you are a lucky winner at a later date.

Tell us the brand name, specific tools you love and why you prefer that particular brand. Also give us a little note on why  you think we should stock them. Who knows, you may well have a power tool wing its way over to you as a thanks for the recommendation if we begin to stock that line.

We always appreciate feedback as it helps us to serve you better!

Warm up the Outdoors this Winter

The one great thing about this Country is the wonderful weather we get throughout the year. But sometimes, on those nippy winter days, its great to still keep warm on the patio to just sit and unwind, enjoy a good bottle of red (or white) and soak up the day.

The only trouble is it can sometimes just be too cold to sit and relax when the mountain snow gets carried in the wind across our gardens. The temperature drops like crazy and its not great to sit outside. Well that was until now.

Hot Pot Paint now stocks a great Winter Warmer in the shape of a patio heater. Its easy to set up and use and really easy to get the heat flowing and keeping you warm whilst you enjoy your great outdoors.

Why not give us a call, or better still, drop into the store to check one out?

Whilst you are here, we now also stock some great charcoal and briquettes to get those fires burning.

Patio Heaters

Get Warm Outside this Winter

Get Some Cookies at Hot Pot Coffee Shop

This winter, why not pop into Hot Pot Coffee Shop for a nice warm soup, cup of coffee and a toastie or burger?

We have plenty of great choices on our menu, so before you browse the store (or after) you can warm up with something good to eat and drink. When you are done, grab yourself a bag of cookies like mamma used to make to take home and dunk in your tea 🙂

With a great selection from Rusks to Sweet Cookies and Coffee Cookies and more (if we don’t have what you like in store, ask we can arrange to have some made for you if you like), you will have something nice and sweet to crunch on in those cold evenings.

The coffee shop is open 8am until 4pm each day and 8-1pm Saturdays. We would love to welcome you in and get you warmed up during this winter. We also offer business buffets on request, just call in and ask to speak to a manager and let us know your requirements, we are happy to assist.

Fresh home made cookies in store

Grab a Kilo of Cookies whilst you visit the store!

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