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Winter, Schminter… Let’s Braai!

Winter may be here, but we are still going to Braai


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Yes, it’s true, summer is now definately over here in South Africa, but nothing can beat a great braai.

At Hot Pot Paint, we have charcoal in stock to help you out and we have some new arrivals coming soon if you want to step it up and have some awesome braai weekends!

More on that in a week or so, but for now, I have pasted some videos below from YouTube to keep you busy.

The first is from a guy called Braai Tips, and he shows you getting a charcoal fire going using a Weber Chimney.

In the second video, there is a handy D.I.Y guide for anyone wanting to make their own charcoal chimney with ease.

Don’t forget, if you need power tools or drill bits, we have them in store for you as well.

Come along and see us.

108a Houtkop Road

Or give us a call before you drive in to see us. 016 428 5525.

Enjoy your week ahead.


Video One: Braai Tips – The Weber Chimney


Video Two: D.I.Y Tips, How to make your own Charcoal Chimney

Do you have a better video on YouTube?
Have you got some other Braai related videos? Let us know, post a comment and include
a link to your YouTube video and we may just feature it 🙂


Image Shot courtesy of Photo Page of Braai Search!

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